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Chapter Six Hundred-four: Et in nomine tuo (part three)


(part three)

With a shrug, Bestat snapped her fingers again. Pierre dropped to the ground. Appearing suddenly, Hedone dropped down to Pierre. Her golden light revived him. They were able to get Pierre back into his chair.

“What is this?” Pierre asked.

“It turns out that you were right, Papa,” Nelson said. “I have to go on the quest for the Templar hoard.”

“Treasure,” Pierre said with a nod. He looked at Bestat and Hedone. “Why do you agree to this now? Are they forcing you?”

“My father is dying,” Nelson said.

“Your father?” Pierre looked confused. His hand went to his chest.

“You’ve touched an object that steals light,” Nelson said. “It belongs to Nyx, the Titan of the Shadows.”

Nelson could feel Nyx was near but couldn’t see her.

“She is here,” Nelson said. “Can you see her?”

Pierre looked up. Pierre’s face shifted to a look of open awe.

“The Templars took some objects from me,” Nyx said. “You found one of them. Touched it.”

“I am sorry,” Pierre said, still speaking French.

Nyx touched Pierre’s arm.

“Never be sorry to me, Pierre,” Nyx said. “You have done only what was right. Never faltered from what is true. Love. Honor. You are well known and loved.”

Pierre began to softly weep.

“I’m so tired,” Pierre said.

“All that do what is right get exhausted,” Nyx said. She looked up at Nelson. “Your father and I are old friends. He has spent many long hours in the shadows.”

Unsure what that meant, Nelson simply nodded.

“I have to find the hoard,” Nelson said. “Nyx says that the object called the ‘Adam’s Apple’ will neutralize the object and restore you to health.”

“Don’t risk yourself for me,” Pierre said, his sorrow shifting to terror.

“I am a Knight of the Templars,” Nelson said with a shrug.

Pierre’s eyes riveted to Nelson’s face.

“I’ve tried to be everything else,” Nelson said. “I thought that being gay would keep me from being a knight. I thought that if I focused on saving lives, I’d never have to be a knight. I thought that…”

Nelson shrugged.

“The dragonne taught me that I am what I am,” Nelson said with a sigh.

Pierre looked up at Bestat. She gave him a beautiful smile. He looked away for a long moment before turning back to his son.

“How can I help?” Pierre asked. “I will go with you to the ends of the earth.”

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