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Chapter Six Hundred-four: Et in nomine tuo (part six)


(part six)

Tuesday evening — 8:12 p.m.

“Blane just called,” Maresol said.

Teddy, Nash, and Noelle looked up at her. Nelson’s co-worker, Leslie, and Ava came in from the dining room at Seth’s home.

“What did he say?” Ava asked.

“He said that Heather wasn’t at dinner so he went to Nelson’s home,” Maresol said. She looked off for a moment to catch her emotions. “He found Pierre sound asleep in Nelson’s bed. Blane tried to rouse him, but he was too asleep. He called Jake and 911. Pierre is on his way to the hospital.”

Maresol nodded.

“I will follow him,” Maresol said. “Blane said that Nelson went to Bestat Behair’s home last night. She and Alex believe that they know where to start based on some old maps.”

“Nelson told us,” Leslie said. “We worked with the starting point most of the day. We think we’ve found a way there.”

“Good,” Maresol said. “Blane said, ‘It’s time to do your thing.’ Whatever that means.”

Leslie and Ava nodded at the same time Nash, Noelle, and Teddy nodded.

“I am going to the hospital,” Maresol said.

Seth’s father, Bernie, came out of his room carrying a book.

“I’ll go with you,” Bernie said.

“They will need you here,” Maresol said.

“Why?” Bernie asked.

“To help Nelson in his quest,” Maresol said.

“They won’t need me right away,” Bernie said. “Our friend needs us first.”

Maresol looked visibly relieved. Bernie set down his book and reading glasses. They grabbed their jackets and left the house. Ava locked the door behind them.

“We set up the dining room,” Ava said to Nash, Teddy, and Noelle.

Noelle went into Sandy’s room. Sandy was sitting on the couch with Aden. His arm was around her.

“It’s starting,” Noelle said. “We’re meeting in the dining room.”

With Aden’s help, Sandy got up. Noelle ran out of the room. Sandy and Aden followed her. Leslie walked behind the kids. Ava and Leslie had hung the copies of the most pertinent maps on the walls of the dining room. Aden helped Sandy into the chair next to Teddy. He moved his computer so that she could watch.

“Can you check the tracker?” Leslie asked Nash.

Nash pointed to Teddy’s laptop.

“How did you get a tracker on him?” Aden asked.

“He’s growing his hair out,” Teddy said. “We created one from a hair tie. He agreed to wear it. He must have put it on before he left.”

“Alex said that she would clip an earbud to the band,” Nash said. “We should be able to talk to him.”

“No video?” Aden asked.

“Alex has one,” Teddy said. “My guess is that her team is talking to her right now.”

“They would never let her go without them,” Nash said.

“Can we get the feed?” Ava asked.

Nash sat down on the other side of Sandy. Aden went to look at the maps on the wall. Leslie nodded.

“Got him,” Teddy said. “He still has the tracker we gave him.”

“He’s where we thought he’d be,” Sandy said.

“What happens now?” Noelle asked.

“We wait,” Nash said.

“We watch,” Teddy said.

“He’ll make contact with us if he needs something,” Leslie said. “We’ll contact him if we learn something.”

“Video?” Ava saked.

“Maybe,” Nash asked. “I’ve asked. We haven’t heard back.”

“Hey, be quiet!” Teddy said. “I’m picking up something.”

They fell silent.

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