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Chapter Six Hundred-four: Et in nomine tuo (part four)


(part four)

“How can I help?” Pierre asked. “I will go with you to the ends of the earth.”

“I know you would,” Nelson said. “I know.”

“You must be the knight,” Mari said to Nelson, appearing at his side.

“I cannot take you, Papa,” Nelson said. “I can only take a female.”

Pierre gave a searching look Nelson before scanning the faces of Bestat, Mari, Nyx, and Hedone. He gave a soft nod.

“Who is going?” Pierre asked.

Nelson helped his father back into his chair.

“Two Titans — Nyx and Hecate,” Nelson said.

Pierre gave a sharp nod.

“Two of the originals — Aphrodite and Abi,” Nelson said.

“Yes, good choices,” Pierre said.

“One Greek God – Hedone;” Nelson said with a nod.

“Two,” a female Goddess appeared in the space. “I am Artemis. With your permission, Knight, I would like to come.”

Nelson looked first at Hedone, who nodded. Mari’s eyes were big and she nodded. He looked for Bestat to find her hugging Artemis.

“Okay,” Nelson said, feeling a little overwhelmed.

“I know a bit about this hoard, Knight,” Artemis said.

“Nelson, please,” he said.

“You will have to take on this quest as Guy Semaines,” Bestat said. “Your birth name was picked for its power. It may save you before the end.”

“She’s right,” Pierre said with a nod.

“Guy,” Artemis said holding out her hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise, I think,” Nelson said.

Artemis grinned at him.

“Who else is in the party?” Pierre asked.

“Just two others,” Nelson said. “They are coming to — Mari, who you’ve met, and Alex Hargreaves. Do you know her?”

Pierre gave a nod.

“One fairy and one human,” Pierre said with a nod.

“And me,” Nelson said. “Alex and Mari are here to protect me.”

“Good,” Pierre said.

“We will walk time,” Hedone said.

“What does that mean?” Pierre asked.

“It won’t seem like we’ve been gone very long,” Hedone said.

“We need to find the hoard and neutralize the objects before all light fades from the world,” Nyx said.

“All light?” Pierre asked.

“Yes, Papa,” Nelson said. “That is what you touched.”

“Some Nazi crap,” Pierre said.

Nelson nodded.

“What can I do?” Pierre asked. “How can I help? You cannot ask me not to assist!”

“We thank you for the use of your maps,” Bestat said. Ever the diplomat, Bestat stepped in to ease Pierre’s mind. “They were most useful last night.”

“You know where to go?” Pierre asked.

“We know where to begin,” Bestat said.

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