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Chapter Six Hundred-four: Et in nomine tuo (part five)


(part five)

“You know where to go?” Pierre asked.

“We know where to begin,” Bestat said.

“Please, there must be something I can do!” Pierre said.

“You are the head of the Orders of Templars,” Bestat said. “You must sanction our quest.”

“What?” Pierre asked.

“Task your knight to this quest,” Bestat said. “Give him the full power of his Templar blood.”

“I will need my sword,” Pierre said.

Mari disappeared and reappeared with Pierre’s sword. Pierre held the sword in his hand and looked at it. He waved Nelson down to his knees.

Pierre placed the sword on one of Nelson’s shoulders.

“Non nobis,” Pierre started.

The rest of the questing party appeared. Pierre moved the sword to the other shoulder. The other’s joined Pierre in the Templar battle prayer.

“Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam,” Pierre said.

Pierre fell to his knees and repeated the prayer in English.

“Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but to Thy name give glory,” Pierre said in a soft voice.

A flash of bright light came from nowhere. Pierre leaned backward. Nelson moved to stand, but found that he was wearing the solid armor of the Templars. In one hand, he held a shield. In the other a heavy helmet. His casual clothing were gone. He was now wearing clothing was now made from velvet and silk. Feeling like he was inside a Disney cartoon, he closed his eyes and opened them again a few time. He looked up to see that the entire party was now wearing armor. Alex Hargreaves put her hand on his shoulder.

“Need some help getting up, Knight?” Alex asked with a grin.

“Please,” Nelson said.

She held out a hand which he leveraged to move to standing. The heavy armor settled into place as if it were made for him specifically. Alex nodded and moved to stand next to Artemis.

“In the name of all things holy, the Order of the Templars sanctions your quest,” Pierre said. “Come home to me, son.”

Pierre looked up at the others.

“Bring him home to me,” Pierre said. “Whatever happens. Bring him home to me. Please.”

With that, the questing party disappeared from Nelson’s carriage house.

Pierre stayed kneeling in Nelson’s dining room for a long moment before getting up and sitting at the table. Just in front of the place mat sat three golden apples which seemed to glow with light. He felt an instant longing for them. Without thinking, Pierre ate the apples in quick succession. He suddenly felt stronger, healthier.

He got up to cleaned up the meal, but somehow found himself in Nelson’s bedroom. He lay down on Nelson’s bed and waited for his son to return.

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