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Chapter Six Hundred-five: Brother Joseph (part two)


(part two)

“I feel…” Nelson whispered.

A man appeared in front of him. Gasping, Nelson stepped backwards. He would have fallen over if Artemis hadn’t caught him.

“Stead on, Knight,” Artemis said, her voice filled with mirth.

“Thanks,” Nelson said to the Goddess.

“What do you see?” Alex whispered.

“A man,” Nelson said. “He’s wearing a habit, you know like a black robe, with a Templar cross on it. Red cross. He’s moving his lips, but I cannot hear him.. Mari, do you see him?”

Mari shook her head and looked concerned for Nelson. He looked at Alex. She shook her head. The rest of the party also shook their heads. Bestat moved in front of Nelson.

“Show yourself to one, you must show yourself to all,” Bestat said.

Nelson jerked to look at Bestat. He was not used to being so believed and trusted. A waft of smoke blew out of her mouth. The smoke covered the man in front of him.

“I can see him,” Alex said. She drew her hand gun. “Show yourself.”

Abi stepped to stand next to Bestat. Abi simply sniffed in the man’s direction. The man became visible to everyone. The little party shifted to ready mode.

“Equitem Templarii!” the man said.

“Who are you?” Nelson asked. “What do you want?”

The man’s voice was either garbled or he simply made something up or possibly he was speaking a language that no one in the group knew.

Nelson looked at Alex. She shook her head.

“Fine,” Nelson said, still irritated. “Abi? Aphrodite? What is this man?”

“A remembered dream,” Aphrodite said at the same time Abi said, “What modern people call a ‘ghost.’”

Aphrodite and Abi looked at Nelson.

“He has been waiting for you for a long, long time,” Abi said.

“For me?” Nelson said.

Abi nodded. Nelson turned to look at the figure. Artemis let loose an arrow from her long bow. The arrow went through the figure and landed on the ground beyond him.

“My team is telling me that they can see a heat signature in the outline of a man,” Alex said. “Raz says it looks something akin to an EMF reading.”

Nelson scowled. Alex softly hit his arm with the back of his hand.

“They also tell me to tell you to put in your earbud,” Alex said.

“My what?” Nelson asked.

“Your satellite linked earbud,” Alex said. “On your hair tie?”

Nelson’s hand went back to touch the hair tie he’d put in about a thousand years ago when he got dressed that morning. He’d seen the knob on the hair tie but thought nothing of it. He pulled the band out of his hair and looked at it. Sure enough, it was an earbud communicator.

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