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Chapter Six Hundred-five: Brother Joseph (part three)


(part three)

“Where did they get this?” Nelson asked.

“I gave it to them,” Alex said. “We didn’t have a ton of time to prepare so we improvised.”

Nelson put the earbud communicator in his ear and tied back his hair.

“Hello?” Nelson asked.

“Oh great,” Leslie, his office mate said. “Look at where this thing is standing.”

“Looks like rubble,” Nelson said.

“It’s either a crypt or possible an entrance to catacombs,” Alex said.

Nelson heard the same information in his ear.

“Is your team at Seth’s house?” Nelson asked.

“Quite possibly,” Alex said. “The maps we had are there.”

Nelson looked at her for a moment before turning back to look at the man.

“Does he look like the guys in Indiana Jones?” Alex asked.

“Oddly, no. Surprises me too,” Nelson said. “He’s shorter, squater, and also thinner — like he hasn’t eaten, maybe ever.”

He thought for a moment.

“Anyone speak Latin?” Nelson asked. “I learned it as a kid but…”

He looked around and everyone was nodding. Artemis made a show of rolling her eyes at him.

“Okay, okay, fine,” Nelson said with a chuckle. “Let’s see if we can get him to talk.”

Nelson stepped up to the apparition.

“Speak now,” Nelson commanded. “So that we can all hear!”

The man’s eyes flicked to Nelson. Looking confused, he scanned Nelson’s face. He muttered something.

“He thinks that you are Saint Bernard,” Bestat said.

Her voice sounded like it was whispering in his ear. He turned to look for Bestat and saw that he hadn’t moved from her spot a few feet away.

“I can hear his mind,” Bestat said, in his ear.

Nelson nodded.

“I am Guy Semaines, son of Pierre Semaines, heir of Bernard of Clairvaux and the Order of the Templars,” Nelson said in French. “And you, brother?”

The apparition looked confused at Nelson’s speech.

“You were right, originally,” Bestat said in his ear. “He speaks Latin.”

Nelson gave a slight nod.

“Guy Semaines,” Nelson put his hand on his chest, “me fili Petri Semaines, heredis est ordo Templariorum.”

The apparition nodded.

“Loseph frater,” the apparition said putting his hand on his chest.

“His name is Joseph,” Alex said. “He’s a brother, possibly a monk.”

Nelson nodded.

“Explains the costume,” Nelson said. “I’ve reached the extent of my Latin. Can anyone translate?”

“I can make the words coming out of your mouth come out in Latin,” Mari said.

Everyone shot the fairy surprised, disbelieving looks. She shrugged.

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