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Chapter Six Hundred-five: Brother Joseph (part one)


(part one)


Nelson landed with Alex Hargreaves on his right and Mari on his left. Bestat was standing about a foot away. Aphrodite and Abi were talking to Bestat while Hedone and Artemis stood behind him.

“We could not agree on where to start,” Bestat said as she walked to Nelson. “Because we can, we thought we’d bring you to a few sites to see how you feel or is something stands out to you.”

“Where are we?” Nelson said.

“Looks like Troyes Cathedral,” Alex said in a low voice. “Your Bernard’s remains were moved here after the Abbey at Clairvaux was destroyed.”

“Do you feel anything here, Templar?” Nyx whispered from the shadows.

“A little sick from the jump, but other than that — no,” Nelson said.

They were whisked away. They landed in tall conifers looking out over some kind of complex of new and historic buildings. Nelson’s grip slipped but Alex helped to steady him. They clung to branches of the tall old trees.

“Clairvaux,” Alex said in the same low voice. “Bernard built an abbey here in 1100 AD. He died here and was buried here. By the late 1600s, the abbey was in ruins. They rebuilt the complex in the 1708; moved his remains to Troyes Cathedral in 1728.”

“Why does it look like a prison?” Nelson whispered.

“It is a prison, at least part of it is,” Alex said. “Maximum security. The remains of the original abbey are still there among the newer structures and the prison.”

“What do you feel?” Nyx whispered from the shadow.

Nelson shook his head.

“Be certain,” Nyx said.

“My friend Leslie picked this site as the place to start,” Nelson said to the shadow. “She said that most people believe the hoard lies in the catacombs below the old abbey.”

“And?” Nyx’s voice came out as a hiss.

“Nothing,” Nelson said. “I don’t think it’s here but…”

Nelson shook his head.

“No,” Nelson said with a shake of his head. “Can we go to the ruins?”

In a breath, they were standing among the ruins of the old abbey.

“Can you make us invisible?” Alex asked. “Those guards don’t look so happy to see us.”

Alex and Nelson became invisible.

“No one can see us,” Nyx said.

“Like a hallucination,” Nelson said softly.

Alex laughed. Nelson felt a pull coming from his right. He began to move in that direction. The Goddesses, Mari, and Alex followed closely.

“I feel…” Nelson whispered.

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