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Chapter Six Hundred-five: Brother Joseph (part four)


(part four)

“I can make the words coming out of your mouth come out in Latin,” Mari said.

Everyone shot the fairy surprised, disbelieving looks. She shrugged.

“What?” Mari asked. “I was born to be the wife of a King. This comes with the territory.”

Abi and Aphrodite grinned. Artemis laughed. Hecate moved to stand next to Mari.

“Do it,” Bestat commanded.

Hecate whispered to Mari, who nodded.

“I am looking for the gifts left by Saint Bernard.”

Nelson’s mouth moved with the Latin words, but he clearly was not in control.

“Can you help our quest?” Nelson’s mouth asked.

He turned to look at Mari.

“That is super creepy,” Nelson said. “Can you do this with anyone?”

Mari nodded.

“I have a few politicians that…” Nelson started.

“Enough,” Bestat said. “Focus knight. We must get this done before we raise too much attention.”

“Nyx is covering us, but she cannot do that forever,” Hedone said.

“Sorry,” Nelson said.

“He’s speaking,” Hecate said.

“What did he say?” Nelson asked.

“I didn’t get it,” Hecate said. She looked around. “Anyone?”

The entire party shook their heads.

“Speak more slowly,” Nelson said. “We are not understanding what you’re saying.”

“It is my accent,” Brother Joseph said. “I am from Wales. The Roman words get stuck in my mouth.”

Everyone nodded.

“Speak Welsh,” Bestat demanded.

“Ma’am,” Brother Joseph said in Welsh.

The Brother bowed at her command. While Welsh was unintelligible to Nelson, at least it sounded more familiar. Nelson nodded. It was a second before Mari’s magic began to work.

“I have something for the heir,” Brother Joseph said. “For your quest.”

“Where is this thing?” Nelson asked.

Brother Joseph nodded and disappeared.

“Fuck,” Nelson said.

Everyone shifted with irritation.

“Should we follow him?” Artemis asked.

“Give him a moment,” Abi said.

“I can hear him fumbling around below us,” Bestat said. She turned to the group. “Anyone see him?”

Abi nodded but everyone else shook their heads. They waited to see if Abi would say more. After a moment, Brother Joseph reappeared.

“I remembered…” Brother Joseph said.

“You remembered?” Nelson asked. “This is a quest, Brother Joseph! How could you forget?”

“It’s been a long time!” Brother Joseph said. “I’ve been waiting here for centuries! You can’t expect me…”

“Fine. Fine,” Nelson said. “What did you remember?”

“I must challenge you to a task before giving it to you,” Brother Joseph said.

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