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Chapter Six Hundred-five: Brother Joseph (part five)


(part five)

“I must challenge you to a task before giving it to you,” Brother Joseph said.

“Why?” Nelson asked. Hearing himself, he knew that he sounded like a whiney teenager. He cleared his throat and attempted to sound knightly. “I demand that you give me the reason, Brother.”

Nelson glanced at his companions to find them rolling their eyes at him. He shrugged.

“I have to determine if you’re really the heir!” Brother Joseph said.

“Have you had a lot heirs?” Nelson asked.

“You better believe it,” Brother Joseph said. “Lately, someone shows up almost every day! Sometimes, many a day! That’s a lot more work than I bargained for and…”

“Okay,” Nelson said. “I appreciate for all of your hard work. I know that the Order appreciates all of your efforts.”

“Well…” Brother Joseph started. “I guess that’s okay. You sure look like him.”

“He is my heir,” Nelson said. “What is my task, Brother?”

“Your task?” Brother Joseph asked. “What task?”

“The task I must complete to get whatever help it is that you said that you would provide if I completed the task!” Nelson said the words with more than a touch of anger in them.

“Oh. Right.” Brother Joseph looked off in to the near distance. After a moment, he looked back at Nelson. “You need to kill the dragon.”

“What?” Nelson asked at the same moment Bestat and the others looked horrified.

“Kill the dragon and I just might give you the…” Brother Joseph said.

A slow rumble came from Bestat’s chest. Brother Joseph shot Bestat a nervous look.

“Why must I kill the dragon?” Nelson asked. “Is it written down somewhere? An order from above?”

“She scares me!” Brother Joseph said.

Nelson growled in frustration.

“This is a waste of time,” Nelson said to the group.

“You have no right to deny the male heir of Saint Bernard!” Hecate said, stepping forward. “He is the rightful heir and you know it. Look at his face! His armor! His swords! This quest has been sanctioned by the Order of the Templars! You have no right to deny him your assistance!”

“Back away from me, witch!” Brother Joseph said in a squeak.

“Ugh!” Hecate said turning so that her back was to the monk. “I agree with Nelson. This is a waste of time.”

Nelson felt his body spin around. He raised his index finger in recrimination. A string of unintelligible scolding Welsh came out of his mouth. The Brother looked terrified and disappeared again.

“What was that?” Nelson asked.

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