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Chapter Six Hundred-eleven: The sword of Jacques de Molay (part six)


(part six)

Athena tossed the sword to Abi. Before the sword could reach her, Abi opened her hands and pulled them apart. The sword came apart by its minerals.

“What the…?” Alex started.

Nelson walked forward. He looked at Abi, and she nodded for him to go ahead.

“Okay, okay,” Nelson said. “All of these are not unusual for a sword made in this era. But this? This is amber. Amber is fossilized tree resin.”

“Is it?” Hecate asked. “That’s very interesting.”

The other goddesses nodded.

“I’ve never seen it in a sword,” Nelson said. “Can you put it back together? I’d like to see what the amber looks like in the sword.”

Abi pulled her hands together.

“It’s there!” Mari said.

She pointed to a thread of amber that ran down the entire shaft of the sword.

“This would be very hard to do,” Nelson said. “Very hard.”

“So it was a special sword,” Hecate said.

“Why is this amber special?” Artemis asked.

There was a moment of silence. Nelson looked up.

“Oh sorry, I thought that they would answer,” Nelson said.

“We wanted to hear what you had to say, Weapons Master,” Athena said.

“Amber holds a charge,” Nelson said. “That means magic. Magic is electricity, energy. You can put it back to original shape.”

The sword came back together. Nelson grabbed the sword from the air. He smiled from ear to ear and looked at the goddesses.

“We need to find the chapel of James the Great,” Nelson said. “There must be something in that chapel that will activate this sword.”

“Do we need to go through time?” Mari asked, excitedly. Everyone looked at her. “What? It’s always so fun to see the old days again.”

“I don’t think so,” Nelson said. “I think that he would have activated it if he could have. He would have done it then.”

“You don’t think that he needed you?” Alex asked. “The male heir of Bernard?”

Nelson shrugged.

“The heir is correct,” Hecate said. “We need to first find this chapel. If we need to walk time, we can do that easily.”

“Do we need the dogs?” Artemis asked.

Nelson shook his head.

“I know where it is,” Nelson said. “I’ll just need some help getting there.”

The Goddesses laughed. Nelson and Alex grinned, and the world started spinning again.

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