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Chapter Six Hundred-eleven: The sword of Jacques de Molay (part four)


(part four)

“Pilgrims use this trail today,” Alex said to finish her statement.

Knowing that they had to keep moving, the goddesses simply nodded.

“I have recently learned a story that Jacques de Molay, the supposed last Grand Master of the Templars, was praying in the Chapel to James the Great at this location,” Nelson said. “This was his last trip on the Camino del Santiago. He is said to have left his sword inside the chapel.”

“People come to this site today to look for the sword,” Alex said.

“This sword,” Nelson said, gesturing to the sword in his hand.

“What happened instead?” Hecate asked. She looked at the others. “I have heard this story as well. I’ve been asked more than once to find the sword and return power to…”

She gestured her hand as if it could be anyone. She lifted an eyebrow and shoulder at the same time.

“What is the true story?” Athena asked.

They all turned with surprise at her appearance.

“I have heard the story as well,” Athena said. “Blade of great power. Could restore order. Blah, blah.”

Athena shrugged.

“May I see the sword?” Athena asked. “Touch it?”

“Of course,” Nelson said. “As far as we know, it’s just a sword. It has no great power — mythical or otherwise.”

“Not like the Sword of Power or the Vanquisher — both of which I believe Hecate’s father gave to children,” Athena said, with a dark look in Hecate’s direction.

Hecate held up her hands in acquiescence. Nelson scowled at Athena.

“There are a number of power swords,” Nelson said. “Having two found in the hands of growing humans is a very good thing, a hopeful thing for the future of all.”

Athena nodded in acquiescence.

“Shall I continue?” Nelson asked, holding the sword out to Athena.

Athena took the sword. She looked at it the sword and swished it around, before passing it to the others.

“It’s just a sword,” Athena said.

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