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Chapter Six Hundred-eleven: The sword of Jacque de Molay (part one)


(part one)


Standing at the bottom of a 3-foot hole, Nelson looked up and nodded.

They had found the last piece of the chainmail shirt at the Monzón Castle, located in Monzón, Spain.

The Goddesses cheered and the dogs barked. Alex held her hand out to Nelson and helped to pull him out of the hole. They landed on their rears and laughed.

They had slogged their way through nearly twenty Templar Castles to find bits of this chainmail. The completion of the shirt meant that they were one object closer to completing their quest. That was something that made everyone happy.

Alex and Nelson’s attendants appeared. They pulled Alex and Nelson to standing to check their clothing and give them cups of broth. Every two or three Castles, the attendants had appeared with this broth.

“We will need to stop for rest and a real meal soon,” Nelson’s attendant instructed Minerva.

She gave him a concerned nod. He gave her a slight bow before disappearing again.

Nelson’s younger attendant was fixing something on his back when the spirit of Myddrin Wylit appeared.

“Where is my mistress?” Myddrin asked.

“She can’t be here because it’s a Roman site,” Nelson said.

“This is not a Roman site,” Myddrin said. “This site was built by the Banu Hud, an Arab dynasty.”

“Hecate hasn’t been able to come to the ancient Moor sites either,” Alex said with a shrug. “Some kind of curse. The Greeks, either. Only the Roman Goddesses have been able to attend the quest in Portugal and Spain.”

Myddrin gave a solemn nod. He sighed.

“I always look so forward to see her,” Myddrin said.

“You will see her again,” Nelson said.

“I was just thinking that,” Myddrin said, with a grin. “You know where you need to go next?”

“Castle Ponferrada,” Nelson said.

“Show me what you’ve made,” Myddrin asked.

Nelson held up the chainmail shirt. Now complete, the shirt was exactly Nelson’s size. Myddrin carefully looked it over.

“Should I put it on?” Nelson asked.

“Oh no,” Myddrin said.

“Why?” Nelson asked.

“It will likely kill you,” Myddrin said.

“We’ve been looking all over hither and yon to find things that will kill the heir?” Diana the Goddess said.

“Yes, mistress,” Myddrin said.

“Why are we collecting these things?” Alex asked.

“That’s a question,” Myddrin said. “But is it the correct question?”

Frustrated, Nelson just shook his head.

“What do we need to find next?” Nelson asked.

“The lost sword of Jacques Malloy,” Myddrin said.

“This?” Nelson pulled a sword from his back.

“Look at that,” Myddrin said. “It’s almost as if Jacques de Molay wasn’t the last Grand Master of the Templars.”

With that, Myddrin disappeared.

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