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Chapter Six Hundred-eight: Free them all (part two)


(part two)

Hecate stopped at the lighthouse. When she turned, she and her companions had changed their dress. They were now wearing some kind of turn of the century costume. They had large pale grass hats, long shirts, and cotton blouses. The Goddesses and Titan laughed at their outfits. Bestat, Abi, and Aphrodite’s clothing changed as well.

“We are pilgrims,” Hecate said with a laugh. “Are we not?”

“We are pilgrims,” Mari said.

Mari and Alex’s clothing became this same turn of the century garb. With Nelson in his Templar gear, their little party took on the cheer of a party of pilgrims. After the lighthouse, the path turned to a flat two wheel dirt road. They walked past green fields. Happy hedge hogs scurried back and forth under the hedge rows and stacked slate walls.

For the first time in a long time, Nelson felt free and nearly joyful. He grinned at Alex and saw that she was feeling equally joyous.

“It’s the pilgrimage,” Mari said.

“It’s…” Nelson said.

“Like the effervescence of French champagne,” Alex said.

“Oui,” Nelson said. He gave her a genuine smile, and she grinned back at him. “When this is done, we will drink champagne from the deep Templar vaults.”

“Sounds wonderful,” Alex said with a grin. “You, me, John, and Blane.”

“Hey! I want to go!” Hedone yelled from the front of the group.

Everyone laughed and nodded.

“If we survived this, we will celebrate,” Nyx said as she appeared from nowhere. “But we must survive it, first.”

Nelson smiled at Nyx. Despite her dire warning, she grinned back at him.

“There is something about this place,” Nyx said.

Abi raised her hands and sea birds rose from the water to swirl above her head. The sheer joy of the birds’ calls and the flap of their wings made the pilgrims laugh. The birds swooped around them before heading off to their own adventures.

Not to be outdone by the birds, Bisso’s dolphins, harbor porpoises, and bottle nosed dolphins began joyously romp in the waters ahead of them. The seals barked and the dolphins jumped.

For a moment, the humans — Nelson and Alex — felt as if the entire world was on display around them and that they were a part of it. The feeling lingered for only a brief moment before they were once again walking along the path. They walked past the bird observatory.

“Cave!” Artemis called.

“Any danger?” Hecate asked.

“No hermits if that’s what you mean,” Artemis said. “Shall I?”

Abi gave a slight nod, and Artemis disappeared. She returned a moment, landing next to Nelson.

“Why do human’s put placards on everything?” Artemis asked.

“What did you see?” Hedone asked.

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