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Chapter Six Hundred-eight: Free them all (part six)


(part six)

“These are the things Manannan told you about,” Mari whispered.

Nelson gave a nod.

“Take a handful of dirt from the saints’ graves and a handful from those murdered,” the spirit said.

Mari held out a glass container with a screw top lid. Nelson recognized it as one of the ones that Delphie put her honey into. He smiled at having something familiar. He walked to the placard for the 20,000 saints. Bending, he picked up a handful of dirt and put it into the jar.

“Hecate?” Nelson asked.

“He must grab the soil himself!” the spirit said.

Hecate grabbed Nelson by the waist. They landed on the top of the hill where a burn line was still etched into the soil. Hecate walked around until she pointed.

“Here,” Hecate said.

Nelson knelt and picked up another handful of dirt. He carefully put it into the jar and closed the jar tight. Hecate whisked them back to the abbey.

Nelson held the jar out to the spirit and the spirit nodded.

“Exactly,” the spirit said. “Your next stop is Portugal. You know where?”

Nelson nodded.

“Good,” the spirit said. “I will see you if you complete the task there. Hold onto your collection. You will need it before the end.”

Nelson tucked the jar into his tunic.

“What shall I call you?” Nelson asked.

“I am…” the spirit said.

“Myrddin Wyllt,” Hecate said.

“My dearest,” the spirit knelt to Hecate.

She reached out to touch the side of the spirit’s face.

“He was a poet and a prophet,” Hecate said. “He was no wizard. Just a wise and beautiful man. Followed nature’s way. He was burned alive where we picked up dirt. On the hillside.”

Hecate sighed.

“He was my friend,” Hecate said. “For that, they killed him. They had the nerve to reinvent him as ‘Merlin’ the beloved savior to a Christian King. Bastards.”

Hecate dropped to her knees in front of the spirit. They spoke softly back and forth.

“Was he a Templar?” Nelson asked.

“He’s dressed like that so that we would recognize him,” Hecate said. She looked at her friend. “I would know you anywhere.”

The spirit bowed his head to Hecate and disappeared.

“It’s a very good sign,” Abi said.

“Why?” Alex asked.

“It means…” Hecate stood up and wiped off her clothing. “We are supported by all of the powers of the world.”

She smiled at Nelson.

“That gives me hope,” Hecate said. She nodded. “Where to next, knight?”

“Castle of Soure,” Nelson said. “Portugal.”

In a breath, they were standing on the first Templar site in Portugal.

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