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Chapter Six Hundred-eight: Free them all (part one)


(part one)

Bardsey Island

Nelson and Alex landed on the beach of what looked like a small island. They were standing on uneven volcanic rock. Where it was wet, the rock was a deep brown. Where it was dry, the rock was more ashen in color. There were places where the moss had grown on the rocks. Ahead of Nelson, there were shockingly green fields. He turned his head to see the coast of a larger land mass. The sea was white capped and rough, yet still a gorgeous blue.

“Bardsey?” Nelson asked looking at Alex.

Alex gave a slight nod. A moment later, Hedone and Artemis landed next to Nelson on his left. Hecate, Abi, and Aphrodite landed a foot on Alex’s right a moment later. Bestat walked out of the sea. As Nelson watched, the sea water steamed from Bestat’s clothing and skin. Her long braid was the last to dry.

“Are we ready?” Bestat asked, in her distinct accent.

She glanced at Alex and gave Nelson a smug look.

“Where must we go?” Bestat asked in a formal tone.

“We must walk the pilgrim’s path,” Nelson said in what he thought might be a knightly voice.

“Where might that be?” Hecate asked, irritated by the shift in Nelson.

Nelson’s eyes flicked to Alex. She nodded her head forward. He gestured ahead of him.

“To the lighthouse,” Hecate said.

The Goddesses and Titan started walking toward the lighthouse.

“Are we on time?” Alex asked, under her breath to Bestat. “No break?”

“What break?” Bestat asked, with a wink. “I haven’t been to the Isle of Man in an age.”

She started walking toward the lighthouse with Abi and Artemis. Mari appeared next to Alex.

“You’re late,” Nelson said, in mock irritation.

“I didn’t know that Manannàn would send you back in time,” Mari said in a loud whisper.

She gave Nelson a bright smile.

“Shall we?” Mari asked.

Alex gave a nod and Nelson started walking forward. Alex and Mari lagged behind a moment before coming up beside him.

“What was that?” Nelson asked.

“Checking facts,” Alex said. She leaned toward Nelson. “Her father will help us at any time. You remember what the word is?”

Nelson gave a slight nod.

Mari linked her arm with Nelson. He held his elbow out to Alex. She looked at his elbow and laughed. She hooked elbows with Nelson. The day was warm and bright. They walked across a slim path in the grass. After a few meters, Nelson felt as if he were on a picnic. He listened as Alex and Mari talked about nothing and laughed.

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