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Chapter Six Hundred-eight: Free them all (part four)


(part four)

Bestat pressed past Alex and Nelson. She spoke to the Goddesses in a language neither Nelson nor Alex understood. Hecate threw herself into Bestat’s arms. For a moment, Nelson only heard to crashing waves and the wind.

“It’s time,” Bestat said.

Nelson gave her a bow and marched toward the ruins of Cadfan’s Abbey. Before he reached the walls, he felt Hecate’s hand on his shoulder. He turned to the Titan.

“Promise me that…” Hecate gulped back whatever she’d wanted to say.

“I will protect you,” Nelson said. He felt a rush of power and strength. “I will never allow anyone to ever hurt you or anyone who you love.”

Tears streamed down Hecate’s face and she nodded.

“Not ever,” Nelson said.

She kissed Nelson’s cheek.

“For luck,” Hecate said.

“Luck?” Nelson said in joking confidence. “I don’t need luck. I am the heir.”

Everyone laughed. Nelson smiled at them and stepped toward the Abbey. He looked at the structure and shook his head.

“They are not here,” Nelson said.

“There is a granite stone over here that says the souls are here,” Artemis said.

Shaking his head, Nelson dropped down in a crouch. He put his hand on the ground. With his touch, the ground seemed to open in front of him.

“Can you see this?” Nelson asked.

Everyone shook their head. Alex jogged over to him and dropped to a crouch. She touched his shoulder and scowled.

“Trench lines,” Alex said. She looked up at the group. “There’s some kind of trenching system here, either for agriculture or water or…”

“Battles,” Bestat said.

Nelson would never be able to describe what happened next. Bestat transformed into a long, cylindrical serpent and took to the sky. In a breath, she was standing next to him.

“You are correct, Alex,” Bestat said. “They are trench lines. They lead to…”

Bestat pointed. Nelson saw something that terrified him. Able to read his mood, Alex moved in front of his crouched form.

“What is it?” Alex asked in a low tone.

“Ghost,” Nelson said. “Spirit. Templar. Old, really old.”

Nelson looked down for a moment. It was now or never. Nodding to himself, he reached for the sword tucked in its scabbard on his back. He pulled the sword.

“Whoa,” Alex said, stepping back. “You’re pulsing with light.”

Nelson pointed the end of the sword at the spirit.

“Speak!” Nelson demanded.

“Et liberate,” the ancient Templar said.

Nelson repeated the words to Alex.

“Free them,” Alex whispered.

“Et sicut Christus. Omnis liberate,” the ancient Templar said.

“Be like Christ. Free them all,” Alex translated the words.

“So it shall be,” Nelson said.

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