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Chapter Six Hundred-eight: Free them all (part five)


(part five)

“So it shall be,” Nelson said.

With the sword between his fists, he held the sword in front of his chest. He whispered the words Manannàn had taught him.

His eyes flicked to Alex and she gave him the slightest nod. He had said it correctly.

Nothing happened. The Templar ghost closed his eyes. As they watched, the ghost began to disintegrate.

“So goes the guardian,” Hedone said, softly.

The ground began to shake.

“Hold on!” Hecate said. “This could get rough!”

Without warning, a few grayish spirits began to rise from the earth. They rose from the earth and faded into the sky.

And then, nothing.

The birds chirped. The seals barked. The ocean crashed onto the island. They waited.

“Knight!” Nyx appeared. “Set them free!”

Not sure what she meant, Nelson acted on impulse. He took his sword and impaled it into the ground.

“Don’t move!” Abi yelled.

“They’re coming,” Hedone said.

The ground jerked in one direction and then in the opposite. If Artemis and Hedone hasn’t been standing close, Alex and Nelson would have fallen over. Mari started to clap. The Goddesses and Titan clapped.

The flood gates opened.

From the graveyard, thousands of spirits began to ascend to the sky.

“Look!” Hecate yelled over the din.

Spirits began to rise from all over the island.

“My sisters,” Hecate said and disappeared.

They watched in awe as the Titan greeted those killed so long ago. The earth shook as more and more spirits rose from the bedrock. As fast as it started, it suddenly stopped.

Not sure of what to expect, the quest party moved around Nelson and Alex as if to protect them.

Another Templar appeared. He looked Nelson over from head to toe before grinning.

“Welcome to the quest, my son,” the spirit said. “You look very much like my beloved wife and our son, Bernard’s son.”

He nodded to Nelson.

“You will see me when you have successfully completed a task,” the spirit said. “Many have come to attempt to raise the 20,000 spirits and begin this quest. You have raised all of them.”

The spirit pointed at Hecate.

“Tell him,” the spirit said.

“The fires burned for days,” Hecate said.

“Years,” the spirit said.

“Killing millions,” Hecate’s voice came as a whisper.

“You have done what no one before you could do,” the spirit said. “You have done what Christ would do and with that, completed the first task.”

“Ask him where we go next?” Alex whispered.

“Where do we go next?” Nelson asked.

“First, you must receive the gift of completing this task,” the spirit said.

“These are the things Manannan told you about,” Mari whispered.

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