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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-two : Maggie and her friends (part three)


(part three)

“Come on,” Maggie said. “My Mommy gives the best hugs.”

Maggie held out an arm and Beau ran to them. For a few long moments, Honey just hugged the children.

“Why don’t you — Maggie and Mack — go pick out some ice cream from our freezer,” Honey said.

“Yea!” Maggie and Mack ran off.

When they were gone, Honey sent a text message to Valerie telling her that Maggie, Mack, and Beau were with her. Then she turned her attention to Beau.

“Did you have an accident?” Honey asked.

Beau gave a nod and tears streamed down his face.

“’Sposed to be growd up,” Beau said through his tears. The mask garbled his message even more. “Da tol’ me to be bes-s behav’r.”

Beau began crying in earnest. Honey hugged him again.

“You have plenty of time to grow up,” Honey said. “Why don’t we go clean up?”

“Wha ’bout dem?” Beau asked.

“They’ll be arguing over ice cream for a while,” Honey said with a smile. “Can you walk?”

Beau nodded.

Honey smiled. She gestured to the bathroom off her office and grabbed her forearm crutches. She started filling the bathtub and put in some lovely smells. Then she turned to the boy. His face was dirty from playing, as well as tear and snot stained. His clothing was finely made but dirty. She helped him out of his shirt and then took off his pants. The diaper had leaked.

“Ah, I see,” Honey said with a nod. “This is a really common problem for kids about your size.”

“It is?” Beau asked.

“You bet,” Honey said with a nod.

“You can see how small I am,” Honey said.

Beau nodded.

“My little sisters are the same size as me,” Honey said, as she wet some washcloths with warm water. “This happened all the time. Gaps in these kind of diapers. Just happens.”

Honey shrugged.

“My broder is big,” Beau said.

“Yes, I imagine that this never happens to him,” Honey said.

Beau nodded.

“May I clean you up with these cloths?” Honey asked, holding up the wash cloths.

Beau nodded. Honey wiped off all of the pee and excrement that had somehow gone all over the boy. She put the diaper in the trash bag and knotted the trash bag. When most of the filth was off him, she stuck him in the bath. She scrubbed the boy so that his white skin glistened.

She leaned back from the tub just in time for Maggie and Mack to appear at the door.

“I want a bath,” Maggie said in her unsure voice.

“Me too,” Mack said what he always said when Maggie had a want.

“You have to ask your new friend,” Honey said.

“Can I come in?” Maggie asked.

“Me too?” Mack asked.

Beau looked surprised. After a moment, he nodded.

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