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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-two : Maggie and her friends (part four)


(part four)

Beau looked surprised. After a moment, he nodded.

“But!” Maggie said. She turned to her mother, “Can we have magic bubbles?”

“Magic bubbles!” Mack said.

“Of course,” Honey said with a smile.

Honey drained the original water from the tub and started the tub again. Beau seemed so happy to have friends that he didn’t mind the drained bathtub. Honey refilled the tub with warm water and bubbles that smelled like bubble gum.

Honey helped Maggie and Mack undress and get in the tub.

“Mommy?” Maggie asked.

“Yes?” Honey asked.

“Do we still get ice cream?” Maggie asked.

Honey turned from where she was working to clean up Beau’s shorts.

“Of course,” Honey said with a nod.

Honey checked the tags and saw that Beau’s clothing, like the other kids, was machine washable. She knew that Alex Hargreaves did the laundry in their house so it made sense that everything was easy to care for.

“I’m going to take these to the washer,” Honey said.

Honey grabbed the children’s clothing to take them to her small washer and dryer.

“Mommy?” Maggie asked when Honey got to the door.

“Yes?” Honey asked.

“Where are my toys?” Maggie asked.

Mack nodded.

“You’re right,” Honey said. “We put your toys away. Give me one second to find them.”

Honey looked around the bathroom. Their entire apartment had been set up for Honey when she was in a wheelchair. Everything was a little low now.

“It’s been a while since you played in the bath,” Honey said, finding the bag of bathtub toys on a low shelf.

She grabbed the toys from the low shelf and gave them to Maggie.

“I’ll be right back,” Honey said. She looked at Beau. “The washer is just next to this bathroom.”

Beau gave her a relieved nod. Honey started a short wash to clean all of the clothing. She was gone a total of four minutes but when she returned the kids were deep into playing with the plastic dinosaurs. Honey sat down on the top of the toilet and watched the children play.

Honey had a vague worry about her work. Lipson had started job sharing. Her team wasn’t working today or tomorrow. They had done a great job yesterday. It was a lot of work for Honey and her assistant to keep everything going.

Honey couldn’t work from this bathroom that was for sure. So she decided just to enjoy herself.

When the water was cold, the kids wanted to play in the bath more. So Honey refilled the tub and they played until the water was cold. Around the time the wash was done, the kids were ready to get out. She put their clothing into the dryer and went to dry them off.

Wrapped in small towels, the kids went to get warm at Honey’s gas fireplace.

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