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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-three : Delphie meltsdown (part two)


(part two)

“I can only do one day at a time,” Nelson said. “Right this moment, it feels great to just be here with you. I’m excited to see my work team. I can’t wait to see the boys, Hedone, even Tres. I…”

Blane watched Nelson closely.

“I don’t want to go,” Nelson said. “When I sit here, as the sun rises, I never want to leave. But then I remember my father and I…”

Nelson shook his head.

“What if you do it differently this time?” Blane asked.

“I’m listening,” Nelson said.

“Alex’s biological father is hooked into the French government,” Blane said. “I bet she could connect you with someone in antiquities. You could raise this fortune in full view of the public.”

“What?” Nelson asked.

“What do you mean ‘What’?’ Blane asked.

“I never thought of it,” Nelson said.

“Huh,” Blane said.

“It’s so obvious when you say it,” Nelson said. “If I knew where it is.”

“The group of goddesses came up with ten possible sites. Alex and her team used them to figure it out,” Blane said. “Fin said that his father went there to check it out.”

“And?” Nelson asked.

“It’s definitely there,” Blane said.

“Where?” Nelson asked.

“When you’re better, we’ll talk,” Blane said. “Right now, you just have to decide if you want to go public with your situation and ask the French to get involved.”

“I do,” Nelson said. “I definitely do. Public means resources, modern resources. No more creeping around in cold, dark Castles.”

“Okay,” Blane said. “I’ll tell Alex.”

“Isn’t she somewhere secret?” Nelson asked.

“I can always call her,” Blane said. “I leave a message and she calls me back.”

Nelson nodded.

“Shall we?” Blane asked.

Nelson took the top off the insulated traveling mug that Blane had given to him. He groaned.

“Hot chocolate,” Nelson sighed. He took a drink. “Perfect.”

“Help you put back on some weight,” Blane said.

Nelson nodded. They ate in silence for a few minutes.

“If I get well enough, I want to help out at the ERs,” Nelson said. “When summer comes, the virus will likely slow down or that’s what the nurse said.”

“And?” Blane asked.

“I can work this spring, head out in the summer,” Nelson said. “I’ll be back by the time the Fall surge happens.”

“You’re planning your life around a virus,” Blane said. “A new virus, none-the-less.”

“I’m planning my life around what I love to do,” Nelson said. “Be with you, the kids, Hedone…”

“Heather,” Blane corrected.

“Right, sorry,” Nelson said. “Heather and Tres. Work with Ava on some mysteries. Get some hours in the ER. Help people. I really want to help people and love. I want to immerse myself in love.”

Blane grinned.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me,” Nelson said.

“I’m not laughing,” Blane said. “I’m anticipating the spring of love, the summer at sea, and the fall fighting the virus.”

Nelson laughed. Blane looked at his watch.

“I have to go,” Blane said. “Today’s my day in the office to help Aden. I’m job sharing with the secretaries to give everyone a break. With the Marlowe School closed, the kids are home so everyone is stretched.”

“Nice of you,” Nelson said.

Blane got up. He pointed at Nelson.

“Your job right now is to heal,” Blane said. “You cannot do any of the things you talked about if you’re one-hundred percent.”

“Will do,” Nelson said.

“You have your phone?” Blane asked.

“Phone, laptop,” Nelson said. “Television, radio. Mostly, I need sleep. That’s what you always tell me.”

“True,” Blane said. He leaned over and kissed Nelson. “Get well. That’s hard enough.”

Nelson grinned at Blane.

“I’ll check on you tonight,” Blane said as he left the downstairs.

Nelson watched him go before getting up and returning to bed. He fell into a sound sleep.

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