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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-three : Delphie meltsdown (part three)


(part three)

Wednesday early morning — 5:30 a.m.

“So it is,” Delphie whispered.

She was kneeling at the altar in her chapel. She felt a longing to stay there all day. The world certainly needed her prayers right now.

But today was not a day to be spent in worship. There was simply too much to do. With Sam in the hospital, she needed to recruit new help. She went up the stairs to the hallway where Sam’s Birch room and Honey’s apartment was located. She then went down the padded stairs to the basement.

Hearing the washers going, she glanced in to see Valerie washing a load of children’s clothing. There were so many little kids that they had to keep up with all of the laundry. Valerie waved to Delphie as she passed. Delphie turned down the hallway.

She knew the meditation room was now where some of the teenagers were sleeping — two more arrived last night. Delphie had been too tired to meet them. She thought that they were in the mediation room.

The study room was in the middle of a remodel for online school. She peered in to see boxes of computers that hadn’t been unpacked. Sam had been working on this room before…

Delphie sighed.

How had Sam gotten sick and she hadn’t?

She felt a well of sorrow but refused to give in. She stopped walking in the middle of the hallway.

Which one was Charlie and Tink’s apartment?

She went to a door and started to knock but hesitated.

This wasn’t it.

There were so many new people, new souls, that it was hard for Delphie to keep them all straight.

“No Delphie,” she said, softly to herself. “You can keep them straight. There’s nothing wrong with you. You just have a lot on your mind.”

A door opened to her left.

“Tanesha!” Delphie exclaimed. “How are you?”

“A little tired but okay,” Tanesha said. “Are you okay?”

“I’m looking for Charlie,” Delphie said. “I thought he and Tink were living down here but I can’t…” I can’t…”

Tanesha’s heart tore in two to see Delphie cry. Delphie was so generous with her home and her life. It was no wonder she was confused.

“How about this?” Tanesha said.

Delphie gave Tanesha a watery look.

“Why don’t you head down to your chapel?” Tanesha asked. “I’ll get Charlie and Tink. Do you need anyone else?”

“Jeraine?” Delphie asked.

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