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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-three : Delphie meltsdown (part four)


(part four)

“Jeraine?” Delphie asked.

Tanesha opened the door to the apartment.

“Jer?” Tanesha called into the apartment.

Jeraine was there in a moment.

“We were just finishing breakfast,” Tanesha said. “Can you help Delphie?”

“Absolutely,” Jeraine said. “I need to get Jabari ready for the day. Can he come?”

“We’ll be outside,” Delphie said. “I think that’s safe.”

Jeraine turned back and then came to the door.

“You know, your dad’s not working the rest of this week,” Jeraine said to Tanesha.

Tanesha nodded.

“Can my dad help?” Tanesha asked. “He’s driving my mom crazy at home.”

“Would you?” Delphie looked on the verge of weeping.

“We’ll get this together,” Tanesha said. “Don’t you worry. Would it be okay if my mom came over?”

Looking relieved, Delphie nodded. Yvonne was one of Delphie’s best friends. If she came over, Maresol and Dionne wouldn’t be far behind. Looking at Jeraine, Tanesha gestured with her head toward Delphie. He pushed past her to Delphie’s side.

“Why don’t I help you down to your chapel?” Jeraine said. “I heard Tanesha say that she’ll get Charlie and Tink. We’ll get her dad here and I’ll help with whatever you need.”

“I would really like that,” Delphie said.

Still wearing pajama bottoms and a tank top, Jeraine helped Delphie down to her chapel. She returned to praying. He jogged back up the stairs and down the stairs.

“What’s going on?” Valerie asked Jeraine.

“I’m not sure,” Jeraine said. “Seems like Delphie needs some physical labor in the back.”

“I’ll tell Mike,” Valerie said as she pulled a load of laundry out of the dryer. “These are almost done.”

Jeraine nodded and jogged back to his apartment.

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