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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-three : Delphie meltsdown (part five)


(part five)

Wednesday morning — 6:35 a.m.

Tanesha’s parents, Yvonne and Rodney Smith, arrived less than fifteen minutes after Tanesha has called. Even at the crack of dawn, they looked like models and had gorgeous African print masks over their mouths and noses. Of course, Yvonne was such a beautiful woman that people stepped back when she walked through. They found Delphie sitting in the kitchen.

“Delphie?” Yvonne asked.

“I have to figure this out!” Delphie exclaimed.

Yvonne looked over at Valerie, who was standing behind the counter. Valerie gave a slow shake of her head. Clearly other’s had tried to help.

Yvonne knelt down to her dear friend, Delphie. She covered Delphie’s hands.

“Why don’t you tell my Rodney what you want?” Yvonne’s voice was soothing and low. “You know how good he is at that kind of thing.”

Yvonne’s eyes gestured to a chair. Rodney pulled a chair from under the table and moved it closed to Delphie.

“Usually Sam helps her with this,” Yvonne said to Rodney.

He nodded.

“That looks like a good picture of your backyard,” Rodney said. “What’s this?”

“That’s the new grass we planted last fall,” Delphie said. “It’s a grain and it had long roots.”

“We had some of that nice bread you made,” Rodney said.

“Better days,” Yvonne said.

“What’s box?” Rodney asked.

“That’s the big bathroom Erik and those boys made for us,” Delphie said.

“Now I remember,” Rodney said. “This is Mike’s studio.”

Delphie nodded. In the company of her dear friends, and grounded in talking about her own backyard, Delphie began to calm down. She took a breath and sighed.

“I…” Delphie said, her emotions rising again.

Yvonne took Delphie’s hands again.

“Why don’t you just tell me what you want?” Rodney asked.

“We need chickens,” Delphie said. “But if we get chicks now, they won’t be able to lay until next year! We can’t wait that long. We have so many people in the house that we need to be able to feed them and ourselves and…”

She looked up and saw only interest and concern on Rodney’s face.

“There’s a guy who works for me that has some chickens to sell,” Rodney said. “He raised them from chicks last fall. He thought people would want them when they’re ready to lay rather than get chicks now.”

“Don’t those boys at your facility have chickens?” Valerie asked. “I forgot what it was called.”

“You’re right,” Rodney said. “They did the same thing. They’ve got thirty or forty extra chickens to sell.”

“We can get you chickens,” Yvonne said, nodding. “Both Rodney and I have taken care of chickens. It’ll be easy for us to set this up for you. Get everything you need.”

“Maresol raised chickens for the State Fair,” Delphie said with a nod.

“That’s right, she did,” Yvonne said. She put her arm around Delphie. “You have the best friends.”

“I do,” Delphie said

She looked at Yvonne and then at Rodney before giving them a watery smile.

“Come on, Delphie,” Yvonne said. “Let’s get some coffee and talk.”

She guided her friend out of the room. Seeing the kids in the living room and the side room, Yvonne guided Delphie into the dining room and closed the doors.

“Just left you here?” Valerie asked with a smile.

“Gives me a chance to fix this,” Rodney said. “I love Delphie. You know, she used to visit me in prison? When I first got there, I had a pretty hard time. Delphie started coming. She used her gift to charm to guards and grant them free readings, helped them with their lives, you know how she is. The guards started protecting me and… “

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