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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-Six: The picture of the pandemic (part two)


(part two)

Location redacted

“That’s my wife!” Chief Petty Officer Royce Tubman roiled. “What is that bastard doing with my wife?”

Clearly on a rant, no one bothered to interrupt him.

“She had his poster,” Royce said, “you know, on her wall when we were in high school. She probably saw him and… He… Is he naked here? The papers are saying he’s naked and she’s just standing there and…”

“He has his top off,” Senior Homeland Security Agent Arthur “Raz” Rasmussen said. “Here’s the original. Look!”

Royce turned toward Raz and leaned over to look into the photo. They were flying in a Fey Team C-130 Hercules plane.

“He has his shirt in his hand,” Raz pointed to the clump of fabric in Jeraine’s hand. “You can see that he’s sweating. You can also see that she’s crying.”

“He’s wearing a mask,” Marine Sergeant Margaret Peaches said. She pointed to the edge of the picture. “That’s outside the Castle. Look at the fence. Street. Sidewalk. Have you been there?”

Royce shook his head.

“Hey Scully!” Margaret yelled for her partner Marine Sergeant MJ Scully. She held up the lap top. “Isn’t this the Castle?”

“Looks like it,” MJ said from his seat a few rows behind them. He gestured to his lap where he was counting medical supplies. “I can’t get up. Is that Jeraine?”

“Bastard,” Royce said. “That guy’s had more women than everyone on this plane combined. Even Trece and Rasmussen. My Quanshay is a poor little lamb, and he’s…”

“Jeraine lives there now,” MJ said, cutting Royce off. “He, Tanesha, and Jabari live just below us. They’re waiting for the house across the street to be finished. He was supposed to be in Las Vegas half time but because of the virus his show is on hold for a while.”

“My kids are there,” Margaret said.

“Mine too,” Major Joseph Walter said.

“Your kids probably bullied Quanshay into taking them there,” Colin Hargreaves said. “Julie’s there. Our kids.”

Royce blew out an angry breath.

“Fey?” Royce asked.

“Uh-huh,” Lieutenant Colonel Alexandra “The Fey” Hargreaves said, not looking up from her lap top.

“I want Tanesha’s phone number,” Royce said.

Alex rattled off a telephone number.

“That’s it?” Royce asked.

Alex nodded but never looked at him.

“But…” she said. Turning to him, she gestured to her lap top screen. “You should look at the whole photo.”

Royce took two long steps toward her. The entire team gathered around to look.

“That’s Marlowe,” Alex said, pointing to Jacob who was caught mid-step walking toward Quanshay and Jeraine. “He did your remodel? That’s Tres Sierra. You probably don’t know him but he’s the CFO at Lipson Construction. Great guy.”

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