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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-Six: The picture of the pandemic (part three)


(part three)

“That’s Marlowe,” Alex said, pointing to Jacob who was caught mid-step walking toward Quanshay and Jeraine. “He did your remodel? That’s Tres Sierra. You probably don’t know him but he’s the CFO at Lipson Construction. Great guy.”

Alex pointed to a group of teenagers running in the direction of Jeraine and Quanshay.

“I believe you know them,” Alex said. She lifted her eyebrows to Royce. “Aren’t these two your kids?”

Royce squinted at the blurry image.

“Where’d you get this?” Royce asked. “Did you make it?”

“I don’t have those skills,” Alex said. “I pulled it from the satellite feed last night when Reuters bought it. You’ll notice something…”

“What?” Royce asked crossing his arms.

“You can see her face. Clear as day,” Margaret said. “You can’t see her face in the photo on the Internet.”

“They did it in response to my flag,” Alex said. “You’re welcome.”

Royce scowled.

“Your wife and kids are at the Castle,” Alex said. “According to John, everyone is having a great time. They’ve spent the last few days making a chicken coop and building greenhouses with Jake. My guess is that they’ll start seedlings today.”

“Ooljee told me that there are a lot of kids there,” Margaret said. “Babies, toddlers, and kids Máire and Joey’s age. Lots of teens.”

“Why are they there?” Royce asked.

“Bored at home,” Margaret said. “At least that’s what my kids say.”

“Mine, too,” Alex said. “Máire and Joey are having a great time. They go to City Park with the dogs, play games, chase each other around the backyard…”

“Honey says that Quanshay is with her,” MJ held up a satellite phone. “She says that Quanshay was just exhausted, over-worried. She and the kids got there midday, and Quanshay’s been resting since then.”

“Can I talk to my wife?” Royce asked MJ.

“You can talk to Honey,” MJ said, passing him the phone. “She thinks Quanshay’s asleep. Tanesha’s at the hospital. She and Fin are second year medical students so they’re helping out in the ER.”

Royce gave MJ a distracted nod and took the phone.

“Honey?” Royce asked.

He listened to the phone for a few moments.

“Thank you for taking care of her,” Royce said. “Can you ask her to send me an email or…?”

He fell silent and then nodded.

“Okay, thanks,” Royce said.

He handed the phone back to MJ who said his good-byes.

“I still want to talk to Tanesha,” Royce said.

MJ held up the phone to Royce. He dialed the number and walked away to get some privacy. He came back a moment later.

“I left a message,” Royce said.

The team nodded.

“Time to head back to your seats,” Cliff said. “We’re getting ready to land.”

“On Jeraine,” Zack said. “He’s so sexy.”

The team laughed while they moved back to their seats to lock in for landing.

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