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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-Six: The picture of the pandemic (part one)


(part one)

Friday morning — 8:02 a.m.

In the middle of Denver’s night, Reuters paid a near fortune for the picture.

It reached social media networks around eight in the morning. The entertainment news media began doing what only they could do.

“We begin this morning with a photo from right here in Denver,” the male morning newscaster said. “Denver’s own R and B sensation Jeraine hugs a woman in the middle of the street.”

“Is he naked there?” the female morning newscaster asked. “He looks naked to me.”

“I believe he’s just not wearing a top,” the man said.

“He looks naked to me,” the woman said. “Why would he be naked on the street?”

“At least he’s wearing a mask,” the man said.

“That’s what’s so confusing,” the woman said. “He’s naked but wearing a mask over his mouth and his nose.”

“I think we’re all wondering,” the man paused for dramatic flair, “what does Miss T think about Jeraine hugging another woman?”

“Naked,” the woman said, repeating her point. “You know, she’s helping out at the hospitals as part of her medical schooling.”

“She’s out saving lives while he’s doing who knows what with who knows who,” the man said.

“Poor Miss T,” the woman said.

“Poor Miss T,” the man said. “Next up, your morning weather. When will this cold snap end?”

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