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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-Seven: Where is this? (part three)


(part three)

“Watch it girl!” Quanshay said.

The boy had distracted Kallyn in order to win at whatever game they were playing. But Kallyn was able to block his attack. The boy cheered for her.

Kallyn said something to the boy, and he gave her a solemn nod. He turned to Quanshay and raised a hand in “Hello.”

In that moment, Quanshay recognized him. He was Alexander, son of one of Royce’s bosses, Major Joseph Walter. He had grown into a very handsome teenager. She smiled at him.

Kallyn hugged her mother, and Quanshay wrapped herself around her first born. Kallyn was silently weeping into her mother’s chest.

“I’ll get J’Ron,” Alexander said.

Quanshay nodded. She made soothing sounds to Kallyn.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Quanshay asked.

“I just missed you,” Kallyn said. “I was so worried and…”

J’Ron threw himself on them. They weaved for a moment before finding balance. Quanshay held onto her children. After a few moments, Quanshay led them to the sitting area. Kallyn didn’t let go of her arm while J’Ron just wanted to be as close as possible.

“You’re wearing those masks,” Quanshay said, noticing for the first time that she wasn’t.

J’Ron pulled a clean mask from his pocket.

“We pick up two every day,” J’Ron said. “Our rule is one for the pocket, one for the face. I guess they liked it so much they’re using it at the construction company.”

Quanshay smiled broadly, “That’s really good.”

“Where have you been?” Kallyn asked, still crying. “I tried to call.”

“So did I,” J’Ron said.

“I was asleep in this room,” Quanshay said. “Where are we?”

“We’re at the Castle,” J’Ron said.

“You don’t remember?” Kallyn asked.

Quanshay shook her head.

“We came here and you saw Jeraine and…” J’Ron said.

Quanshay gasped. She looked embarrassed.

“That wasn’t a dream?” Quanshay asked.

“Oh, no,” J’Ron said. “Look.”

He took out his phone from his pocket and showed her the photo.

“It’s everywhere,” J’Ron said.

“Are they mad?” Quanshay asked. “I don’t want to cause them any trouble.”

“It’s just a part of their life,” Kallyn said. “Or at least that’s what Charlie says. I guess it happens all the time to either Jeraine or Valerie, you know, Valerie Lipson. She’s a movie star.”

“I know,” Quanshay said. “She’s a very beautiful movie star.”

“I thought Dad would call us but…” J’Ron said.

“He doesn’t have your numbers,” Quanshay winced. “Remember, he got his new phone after he left the house.”

Her kids nodded.

“He must be really worried,” Quanshay said. “Upset.”

“Why?” Kallyn and J’Ron asked in near unison.

“I had this thing about Jeraine when we were in high school,” Quanshay said. “Your dad was so mad about it. But I…?”

Quanshay looked at her kids.

“Jeraine lives here?” Quanshay asked.

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