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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-one : Hysterics (part three)


(part three)

“Where’s your mom’s husband?” Blane asked.

“He’s on some kind of lockdown,” Ooljee said and shrugged. “Something Irish. Plus he said all of the kids were here so I asked to come here.”

“Joey and Maire are here,” Jill said, still focused on the child in her arms.

“And Paddie,” Ooljee said with a nod. “The older kids are still at home, but they mostly take care of themselves.”

Ooljee nodded.

“You don’t mind that we’re here, do you?” Ooljee asked.

“Not at all,” Jill said. “Happy to have you. Everyone’s been having a lot of fun.”

Blane just nodded in agreement.

“Your brother’s quite ill,” Jill said. “He needs to see the doctor.”

“I thought so too, but Uncle Blane wanted to see you first,” Ooljee said. “Am I sick?”

“Not that I can tell,” Jill said.

“Okay,” Ooljee said, with a nod.

The door to the loft opened, and Delphie came in. She noted that Jill was still in her pajamas.

“I came up to see if Ooljee wanted some pancakes and eggs,” Delphie said. “I’m making them. Do you eat wheat, Ooljee? Any food issues we should know about?”

“No,” Ooljee said.

She skipped away from Blane, Jill, and her brother. Delphie looked at Jill, and Jill nodded.

“Do you have a mask?” Delphie asked the girl. “We have virus here.”

Ooljee shook her head.

“We’ll get you one downstairs,” Delphie said.

Delphie held out her hand to Ooljee and they left.

Jill heard Ooljee asking if Ivy was there. They heard the low mumble of Delphie’s voice.

“Good that she came,” Jill said.

“Does he need the hospital or just the doctor?” Blane asked.

“I was just trying to figure that out,” Jill said. “I don’t think it’s Covid. It’s something else. I think.”

“Fin and Tanesha are downstairs,” Blane said. “They are getting ready to go in to work the ER.”

“Bidzel needs a doctor,” Jill said. “Do you know when Dr. Bumpy opens?”

“Soon,” Blane said. “By the time we’re dressed we can be there.”

“I can take him,” Jill said. “You have to get to Lipson.”

“I need to see Heather,” Blane said. “Hecate brought the children and Gando. He’s sick but Mike’s with him. Hecate and Heather are having a raging argument.”

“About what?” Jill asked.

“No idea,” Blane said. “They are speaking in a language that…”

Blane lifted his shoulders and shook his head.

“No idea,” Blane said. “Mostly, it seems like Hecate is freaking out and Heather’s trying to calm her, but that’s just what I see. I brought the kids upstairs just to get away from them.”

“Good plan,” Jill said.

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