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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-one : Hysterics (part six)


(part six)

“Most of the dragons have gone into hiding already,” Hecate said.

“Bestat?” Heather asked.

“She’s waiting for her rider to return from his trip,” Hecate said. “Every one of her family, all of her offspring, and their children have already gone into hiding.”

“You’re saying that we need to return to Olympia?” Heather asked.

“No, we won’t be safe in Olympia,” Hecate said. Her eyes were wild with fear and anger. “You remember the time that Zeus turned me over to… over to…”

Heather reached out to touch her friend’s hands rather than see the more than hundred years where Hecate was tortured. It was only stopped by Perses arriving to save his daughter. The ensuing blood bath was so traumatic for Hecate that it took Heather years to bring her back.

“We have to find somewhere safe where no one will find us,” Hecate said.

“Like Mars?” Heather asked.

“Mars won’t work!” Hecate said. “There are something they call a ‘probe’ and little computer things up there.”

“You’ve checked Mars?” Heather asked. Her face reflected her doubt.

“Of course I did,” Hecate said. “They… they….”

Hecate began to sob. Waves of energy and magic flowed out of the basement. Abi arrived moments later.

Suddenly, Hecate and Abi were in a raging argument while Heather continued to sit on the pull out bed, in her pajamas, wondering what to do. Blane arrived in the middle of that chaos. He gave Heather a compassionate look, and she shrugged. He changed quickly, grabbed his jacket, and left. Neither Hecate or Abi was aware that he had been there.

As the door was closing behind Blane, Perses, Hecate’s father, arrived. He took one look at his daughter and scooped her up. In a split second, he reached for his first wife, Cleo the cat, but Cleo hissed at him. He and Hecate disappeared.

Heather sat on her bed for a long moment. Cleo walked gingerly across the bed until she sat in Heather’s lap. Heather looked at the cat.

“Sandy’s okay?” Heather asked.

The cat rubbed up against Heather.

“You should risk traveling like that,” Heather said. “You’ll wear yourself out.”

Cleo settled on Heather’s lap.

“You did it for your daughter,” Heather said. “I understand. You probably called Perses, too.”

Cleo meowed.

“Is that Cleo?” a child’s voice asked outside the door.

Heather got up and opened the door. Rachel Ann, Sandy and Aden’s daughter, came into the small apartment. Before Heather could say anything, the child grabbed Cleo off the bed and left the apartment. Heather swung the door closed.

Heather used the bathroom. She was in the process of crawling into bed when she heard, through her mind, Hecate call her name. Sighing, Heather set her human body down on the bed and went to see what her rightfully hysterical friend needed.

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