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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-four: Getting ready (part three)


(part three)

Thursday mid-day — 1:37 p.m.

After a long heartfelt conversation involving with Delphie, Jacob went out to the backyard. When he was younger, he would have just asserted his authority. After years at Lipson Construction, he’d learned that everything and everyone had its own logic and rhythm.

He found Rodney and spoke to him about what was going on. He then spoke to the heads of the groups of people working.

Delphie had finally decided that she wanted greenhouses and a chicken run. Because no one was quite sure about the greenhouses, they’d focused on building a chicken coop and run. They were nearly finished with a grand castle for a whole flock of chickens.

The only problem was that they’d built it in the middle of the yard.

With a little nudging, they moved the chicken run to the quiet side yard of the medical offices, an optimal location in the quiet side yard.

“It’s almost as if this spot was set up for chickens,” one of the men said with a smile.

“Imagine that,” Jacob said with a grin.

Jacob left Rodney to sort out introducing the arriving chickens to each other and into their new home.

Jacob turned his attention to the new effort to build greenhouses. Delphie had drawn a map to have them run along the edge of the driveway. Believing that Delphie knew best, Rodney had copied her suggestion.

Of course, the sun ran from east to west and the house was east facing. In Delphie’s configuration, only one of her greenhouses would get full sun. The other two would be in shaded by the first greenhouse. It was the kind of thing that Jacob changed without thinking.

One thing the helpers didn’t know was that Jacob had been accumulating old single paned windows for years. He and Delphie had gone back and forth about the greenhouses since the time that he’d poured the cement for this driveway. He’d been waiting for Delphie to decide that she needed them. After the first whisper of the pandemic, Jacob moved the old windows and salvaged wood to the area between the Mike’s studio, aka the garage, and the new restroom.

Before Jacob arrived, a few of the teenagers, led by Jeraine, were diligently working to make Delphie’s plan happen. Luckily, they hadn’t gotten too far because Jacob arrived.

Jacob led them through his plan for the greenhouses. Under his guidance, everyone got to work.

While the early spring day was by no means warm, they were working in the sun. After a while, the young men stripped off their shirts. A few of the young women stripped to their sports bras.

The warm sun and clear vision made for a happy crew. After a while, Jeraine began to singing his own songs to himself. Completely indifferent to Jeraine’s fame, the teens sang along with him in joyful bliss.

“Hey!” Tres yelled over the happy ruckus. “Jake!”

Jacob looked up from where he was installing an old window into the greenhouse.

“There’s a lady over there screaming,” Tres said.

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