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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-four: Getting ready (part one)


(part one)

Thursday mid-day — 12:37 p.m.

“Hey,” Jacob said in a soft voice to Jill’s back.

Jill turned to look at him. She was standing in the loft nursery and holding Bidzil, Margaret Peaches’ young son. He was sleepily drinking a bottle of what looked like milk.

“How is he?” Jacob asked.

“A lot better,” Jill said. “Few more days and he’ll be ready to join the others playing.”

“Good,” Jacob said. “What does he have?”

“Parasite,” Jill said. “Particularly nasty one. Dr. Bumpy thought we might have been too late to help him, but he’s responded really well to the treatment.”

“And to your cuddles,” Jacob said.

“It’s nice to have an easy-going child,” Jill said with a grin.

“You mean one that can’t move things with their minds?” Jacob asked with a laugh.

“That, too,” Jill said. She glanced up and grinned at him. “Let me set him down. He’s ready to nap a bit.”

Jill set the child down in a crib and they left the room. Jacob migrated after Jill as she walked toward their small kitchen.

“I saw our boys on the way up,” Jacob said. “Is Katy in her room?”

Jill nodded.

“She doesn’t want to leave Paddie alone,” Jill said. “Have you eaten?”

Jacob shook his head.

“How’s Paddie?” Jacob asked.

“Much better,” Jill said. “I have an appointment to take him and Jabari to see Dr. Bumpy this afternoon.”

“For a test?” Jacob asked.

“I guess so,” Jill said with a shrug. “I don’t really know how that works. Dr. Bumpy was following Jabari, Paddie, and Connor. John was Julie’s doctor. I think John took care of Paddie and Connor because they’re his nephews.”

“He’s a nice guy,” Jacob said.

“Great doctor,” Jill said. “That’s what Dr. Bumpy says too.”

“Any idea what’s going on in the backyard?” Jacob asked.

“Delphie had a meltdown this morning,” Jill said. “Sandwich? Warmed up soup? Fast food on the way back? Delphie casserole?”

“No,” Jacob said. He closed his eyes and put his hand up like he was protecting his head. “No Delphie casserole. No.”

Jill laughed.

“I was checking to see if you were listening,” Jill said.

Jacob grinned and leaned over to kiss her. They kissed. He stroked her face.

“I wish…” Jill whispered.

“Me too,” Jacob said, with a sigh.

“Too much work,” Jill said.

“Too many people, everywhere,” Jacob said. “Have the teenagers started to clone? When I left the house this morning, there were half of the kids who are here now.”

“Fey Team kids,” Jill said. “Once we had Joey and Máire, they started arriving. They always knew that Teddy lived here. So they knew where to go. Charlie’s done a great job keeping the teens moving in the same direction. He’s…amazing. The teens are reading books and talking, mostly. In the afternoon, they play competitive video games.”

“That’s bound to get them fighting,” Jacob said.

“Charlie won’t tolerate it,” Jill said. “If you fight, you can’t play. If you can’t get along, you go home. His rules. So far, it’s worked out great because no one wants to go home.

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