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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-four: Getting ready (part four)


(part four)

“There’s a lady over there screaming,” Tres said.

Jacob looked at Tres and then out to the street where a few paparazzi were milling around.

Jacob looked at Tres and shrugged. Tres pointed to a small black sedan.

Inside, a woman seemed to be screaming and crying.

“Jeraine!” Jacob yelled.

Caught up in his song, Jeraine didn’t respond until one of the teens touched his shoulder. He looked at the girl, who pointed at Jacob.

Jeraine looked up at Jacob.

“Someone’s here to see you,” Jacob said, pointing at the vehicle.

“Hey, that’s J’Ron and Kallyn,” Hope, one of the Fey Team teens, said.

The teens looked up to see their friends.

“Why is their mom screaming?” Tink asked.

“She’s a big fan of Jeraine’s,” Joy, the identical twin of Hope, said. “She always plays him in the car.”

“And at home,” Hope added.

Jeraine scowled at the girls. He grabbed his shirt and started walking to the fence.

“You could come.” Jeraine threw the words to where Jacob and Tres were standing and laughing at him.

Still laughing, Jacob and Tres followed Jeraine to the fence. The closer Jeraine got to the fence, the more excited the woman became. Tres and Jacob openly laughed at Jeraine.

“Ma’am?” Jeraine asked through the gate.

The woman fell still. She pointed to herself.

“Is there something I can help with?” Jeraine asked.

The woman began to cry. Jacob opened the gate and went to the vehicle. Realizing the woman was too upset to open the locks, Jacob flicked his hand and the vehicle’s locks opened. The kids fell out of the vehicle like balls out of the back of a truck.

“Masks!” Tres said as the kids started across the driveway to see the other teens.

The children skid to a stop and pulled cloth masks out of their pocket. They put on their masks on and then ran to their friends.

Jeraine gestured with his head for Jacob and Tres to stand with him. They moved to the driver’s seat where the woman was sobbing. Jacob opened the driver’s side door. Tres helped Jeraine pull her out of the vehicle.

The woman threw her arms around Jeraine.

And the paparazzi’s camera’s started whirring.

Tres and Jacob tried to surround Jeraine and the woman but the paparazzo were more aggressive. Hearing running, Jacob looked up.

The teens were running in their direction. They made a circle around Jeraine and the woman as they shuffled beyond the fence. They got the woman inside the fence and toward the back of the house.

“What are those vultures rabid about this time?” Fin asked as he and Tanesha walked toward the Castle from where the bus had let them off on Eighteenth Street.

“A woman is crying over Jeraine,” Tanesha said.

“Why?” Fin asked.

“He’s a huge star,” Tanesha said. “This happens a lot. Women love him.”

“Jeraine?” Fin asked with a snort of a laugh. “Our Jeraine?”

Tanesha grinned. They walked along the fence until they reached the door.

“There is a small child in the back of that vehicle,” Fin said.

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