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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-four: Getting ready (part five)


(part five)

“There is a small child in the back of that vehicle,” Fin said.

“I’ll get him,” Tanesha said.

“Why?” Fin asked.

Tanesha just laughed at Fin. He gave her his “I am a Prince” shake of his head which made her laugh even harder. She reached in the back sleep and took the sleeping boy out of the vehicle. The child was wrapped in a soft wool blanket. She held his face away from the cameras.

“Can you…?” Tanesha asked Fin. She gestured to the paparazzi. “But! Don’t break their cameras this time. Just the pictures of me and any of the child.”

“Tsk,” Fin said. “Would I do that to these fine fellows?”

Tanesha grinned at him. They went in the gate and down the driveway.

“Where’s Jeraine?” Tanesha asked.

“They went inside with a fan of his,” Tres said. “She was hysterical. We took her inside to have a glass of water.”

Tanesha nodded to Tres and started toward the side door.

“What is going on here?” Fin asked, gesturing to the greenhouse project.

“Jake’s building greenhouses,” Tres said. “You know, to grow food.”

“Why?” Fin asked.

Tanesha shook her head at Fin’s ridiculousness and went inside.

“Come on, man,” Tres said. “You could help.”

“I am a Prince!” Fin said. “Plus, I am tired.”

“I get it,” Tres said. “It’s too hard for you.”

Fin growled at Tres. Tres gestured for Fin to go work on the greenhouses.

“Where is my descendant, Jacob?” Fin asked, his Isle of Man distinctive and loud.

Grinning, Tres followed Fin toward the greenhouse.


Thursday afternoon — 2:12 p.m.

Tanesha carried the small child into the house. Once in the door, she set down her backpack while holding the… She leaned back to see if it was a girl or a boy and saw a little boy looking up at her.

“Hello,” Tanesha said.

The child slowly closed and opened his eyes before snuggling against her. Smiling, Tanesha followed the noise to where Jeraine was speaking to someone. Jill had her hand on the woman’s shoulder. She carried the boy into the kitchen.

The woman was so upset that she was nearly incoherent.

Tanesha looked at Jill, and she shook her head. The woman wasn’t infected. Tanesha nodded.

Tanesha put her hand on the woman’s arm. Jill retreated.

“Quanshay?” Tanesha asked.

Hearing her own name, the woman stopped talking and crying. She blinked at Jeraine and then looked at Tanesha.

“Miss T?” Quanshay asked.

“I found your son,” Tanesha said. “He was waiting of you in the car.”

Quanshay took the boy from Tanesha. For a moment, the mother and child snuggled each other.

“Mama, can I go play?” the boy asked.

“Yes, you may,” Quanshay said. “But you need your mask.”

“Okay, Mama,” the boy said.

He kissed his mother and put on his mask. She gave the child an extra squeeze and set him down. He stood next to his mom for a moment before being absorbed into the group of children playing in the living room. They watched the child disappear.

“What’s going on?” Tanesha asked. “We saw you crying and then hug Jeraine. That’s so unlike you.”

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