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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-Five: Every living thing has friends (part one)


(part one)

Quanshay snuck a glance at Tanesha and saw only compassion in her eyes.

“I haven’t been sleeping,” Quanshay said. “That’s the truth of it. We had to close our nail business and I owe all this money to John Drayson and Royce is gone and we’re going to have to close the nail salon for good and then what? I mean, how we going to pay rent if we can’t work? And this virus is going to kill us all. And the kids are either screaming at each other or screaming at me…”

Quanshay began to cry. Tanesha reached out to Quanshay so that her hand touched the upset young woman’s shoulder. They sat like that for a long moment.

“Quanshay?” Honey asked from the kitchen door.

“Oh, Honey,” Quanshay said. She glanced at Tanesha. “Honey’s a Fey wife.”

Tanesha nodded. Quanshay looked at Honey

“I forgot that you lived here,” Quanshay said.

“My father’s partner owns this home,” Honey said. “MJ and I moved in right after we were married.”

Honey gave Tanesha a concerned look.

“She needs rest,” Tanesha said. “Quiet.”

“Why don’t you come with me?” Honey asked. “We have an extra bedroom. You can get some rest and quiet.”

“Isn’t Hermes in there?” Tanesha asked.

“Charlie moved him somewhere else,” Honey said. “Maggie and I would love to have you stay with us, Quanshay. From one Fey family to another, you are most welcome.”

Quanshay looked at Tanesha.

“Will you tell my children where I am?” Quanshay asked Tanesha. “If they decide they want to see me.”

“Of course,” Tanesha said.

She nodded to encourage Quanshay. Tanesha hugged her.

“You’re walking pretty good now,” Quanshay said to Honey as they walked away.

Honey’s response was lost as the women walked away. Tanesha sat at the table for a long moment.

“Did you figure out what was going on?” Jeraine asked.

“She’s tired,” Tanesha said. “Overwrought. She just needs some sleep.”

Jeraine took a cookie and ate it.

“Did you have a poster of you without your top and pulling your pants down with your thumb?” Tanesha asked.

Jeraine thought for a moment and then shrugged.

“I am very sexy,” Jeraine said without a hint of self-modesty.

Tanesha laughed. He held out his arms. She got up and hugged him.

“Why did you ask about the poster?” Jeraine asked.

“She had one,” Tanesha said.

“Ah,” Jeraine said. “When you have all of this…” He waved his hands across his body. “The women go crazy.”

He looked at Tanesha, and they both laughed.

“I’m going for a swim,” Tanesha said. “You?”

“I’m still helping Jake,” Jeraine said. “Your dad’s here. Still.”

“Mom?” Tanesha asked.

“She and Delphie went off with Maresol,” Jeraine said.

Nodding, Tanesha sighed.

“You’d better get swimming before your time is gone,” Jeraine said.

She pulled down her mask to kiss him.

“How did Jabari do at the doctor?” Tanesha asked, pulling up her mask.

“Dr. Bumpy wants him to isolate for another week, but he thought the virus had passed,” Jeraine said. “No fever. He seems fine.”

Tanesha gave Jeraine a distracted nod.

“Where is he now?” Tanesha asked.

“He’s outside with Maggie and Mack,” Jeraine said. “They are playing isolation. It’s really cute. You go swim. I’ll watch him. We’re okay.”

Tanesha nodded. He pushed her on her way. She went into the downstairs bathroom and changed.

This virus was exhausting and disheartening. Everyone seemed at a breaking point. But Tanesha knew in her heart that they were just getting started with it. She felt lucky that she had so much support from people who loved her.

She wondered how long it would last. Shaking her head at her own gloom, she left the bathroom to go for a swim.

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