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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty: Can you help? (part three)


(part three)

Thursday morning — 5:05 a.m.

Jacob was standing in the middle of the kitchen missing his father when he heard a knock on the side door of the Castle. Assuming it was Aden coming to pick him up for the day, Jacob jogged to the door. He opened to find Dr. John Drayson standing on the other side. Standing next to him were his two children and two children Jacob had never met. Their hair messy and eyes half closed, the children looked as if they’d been dragged from their beds. John was carrying a duffle bag over his shoulder. The handsome doctor was wearing a fabric mask over his mouth and nose.

“You are welcome to come in, but we’re on quarantine here,” Jacob said.

“I understand,” John said.

“Then, come in!” Jacob said. “Come in!”

Jacob stepped back and let John and the children inside the house. He quietly snapped his fingers which lit the kindling in the Castle living room fireplace.

“I was just getting a fire going in here,” Jacob said.

He leaned over to put a log on the growing fire. Delphie came from the kitchen to see what was going on.

“I’m so sorry to bother you,” John said. “My siblings have been taking care of my kids. Today is some Irish something or another that I should remember or care about.”

“They just want to get drunk,” John’s son, Joey, said.

Joey’s fraternal twin, Máire, nodded. Delphie put her arms around the two sleepy children and led them to the couch. Used to Delphie, they let her snuggle them close. The other two children were younger by some years. They looked a little stunned.

“Have you met Max and Wyatt’s sons?” John asked.

“I haven’t had the pleasure,” Jacob said, holding out his hand.

“This is Chase,” John said, gesturing to the toddler with brown eyes. Turning to the toddler with blue eyes, he said, “And this is Beau. Their fathers have been taking care of all of the kids. But Wyatt’s working like I am and Max was called in by the governor to help with acquire supplies or something like that. He left for Washington DC this morning.”

“Oh that is weird,” Jacob said with a smile. “I actually know Chase and Beau from the Marlowe School. They are friends of my toddlers.”

“That’s right,” John said, looking relieved. “I’m so glad they will have friends in the house. Our home is filled with old Irish people. They long for boys to play with.”

“Done,” Jacob said with a smile.

“Jill said that I could bring the children here if I needed help,” John said.

“Of course you can,” Jacob said.

“They are welcome as long as you need a place,” Delphie said. “We have lots of kids. I seem to remember that you both are friends with Ivy.”

Máire nodded.

“Did you know that Ivy lives here?” Delphie asked.

Máire noticeably brightened.

“Katy and Paddie too?” Joey asked.

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