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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty: Can you help? (part one)


(part one)

“How is Olympia?” Delphie asked

Heather took a glass of wine and glanced around at Valerie, Jill, and Delphie. She shook her head so hard that the water in the hot tub splashed a little. The women waited for her to answer.

“Stupid,” Heather said, finally. “Do you know about my grandmother?”

“What about her?” Jill asked.

“She was born of the ocean,” Heather said. “So she’s independent of family and not really connected to everyone else. Of course, Ares has a lot of family connections. You know, my father’s father. But…”

“Is there an issue?” Delphie asked.

“Of course there’s an issue,” Heather said. “She doesn’t want to be a part of all of it. She pitched a fit and I’m called in to ‘reason’ with her.”

Heather shook her head.

“It’s just stupid,” Heather added. “Makes me wish there was still a Sea of Amber.”

The women laughed. Tanesha came out on the deck. She spied the women in the hot tub and went back inside.

“How are you?” Delphie asked looking at Jill.

“I’m good,” Jill said. “A little tired.”

“It’s not too much?” Delphie asked.

“Not at all,” Jill said. “The more I use my gifts the more I seem to have to give. It’s weird like that.”

“I feel that way about acting,” Valerie said. “The more I act and the better parts I get, the easier it comes to me.”

The women nodded in agreement and understanding.

“How are Julie and the children?” Delphie asked.

“Healing, I think,” Jill said. “John Drayson was here. He said that Julie really should be in the hospital. Steve came by to assess her situation. He had her moved to the medical suites. Connor is now in with our twins. He seems totally better.”

“That’s a lot,” Heather said.

Jill nodded.

“It’s a little overwhelming,” Jill said. “But, there’s a nurse with Julie now and that’s good. Julie seems to be healing and that’s good. Paddie is still sick so he’s in our guest room in the loft. He’s quarantining there. He’s very serious about it — and so cute. He and Katy communicate via a walky-talky system.

“Adorable,” Valerie said.

“And Paddie has time to heal, as well,” Jill said shrugging. “I know that I will miss having my own thing, you know, my own life. But for now, I am enjoying being able to help.”

“Is there room for me?” Tanesha asked as she came out of the house.

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