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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty: Can you help? (part four)


(part four)

“Katy and Paddie too?” Joey asked.

“They are both here, but Paddie is sick,” Delphie said. “I know that Katy will love seeing you. She’s been very lonely.”

The twins looked at each other and grinned.

“There are lots of people able and willing to help,” Jacob said.

“I don’t know this for certain,” John said, “but it wouldn’t surprise me if my siblings no longer want the children in the house. They are older than I and terrified of getting sick.”

“Dying,” Máire said.

“They are sure they will go to hell,” Joey said.

The twins nodded in near unison.

“Did someone say ‘Hell’?” Fin said as he came out of their apartment.

He gave John a long look and then searched the children.

“Have you met Prince Finegal?” Jacob asked.

“Fin, please,” he said, in uncharacteristic humility. “You are John Drayson, husband of the identical twins, Alex and Max?”

“Just Alex,” John said with a grin. “Max is married to Wyatt Klaussen.”

Fin waved his answer away as if what he’d said didn’t matter.

“How you know Alex?” John asked.

“She met my father earlier this year,” Fin said. “He hasn’t stopped talking about her since.”

“Dare I ask who your father is?” John asked.

“Manannàn,” Fin said. “I’m from the Isle of Man. Your mother is a distant relative of mine. Your brother is married to my sister, Edith.”

John’s eyebrows went up. The two men gave each other a long assessing look. Mike came down the stairs and through the kitchen.

“Máire?” Mike asked. “Jackie was just talking about you!”

Máire smiled at Mike and then looked at her brother. She looked back at Mike.

“Can she come down?” Máire asked, shyly.

“I’ll bring her,” Mike said. “Have you two had breakfast? I have it started upstairs. I came down to see how Jacob was doing.”

“My father’s in the hospital,” Jacob said to no one in particular. “Sam’s holding his own. That’s what the nurse said.”

“I’ll find out and call you,” John said, turning to look at Jacob. “You’re sure? Even if they are here a while?”

“Of what?” Mike asked.

“He wants to know if we can keep the kids while he’s out there trying to save humanity,” Jacob said.

Rather than respond, Mike just laughed. John kissed his children goodbye. They whispered back and forth in a language Jacob didn’t know. When John pulled away, the kids had tears in their eyes. John spoke to Chase and Beau in the same language. The boys clung to him for a long moment.

“If you’re sure…” John said.

Tink came up the stairs from the basement. She waved at everyone as she walked through to the kitchen.

“Tink?” Jacob asked.

Tink stopped and turned.

“John needs some help with his kids,” Jacob said.

“We can help,” Tink said. “Charlie and me, I mean ‘I,’ we can’t go to school and can’t work. We have lots of time.”

Nodding, Tink gave John a charming braces-filled smile.

“Would you mind keeping them overnight?” John asked.

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