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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty: Can you help? (part five)


(part five)

“Would you mind keeping them overnight?” John asked.

“Of course,” Tink said. “We have plenty of space. Delphie said it would be warm enough to look in the beehives today.”

Delphie nodded.

“Beehives!” Joey said.

“We know all about them,” Máire said.

“We can help!” Joey said.

“Then it’s settled,” Delphie said. “If we finish in time, we can go to your house and check your hives too!”

Joey and Máire nodded in happy agreement.

“I have an apartment near the hospital,” John said. “If you really don’t mind, I’ll stay there. I’m just exhausted. It will be a big help for me. I will come by when I can, and their mom is due back in a week or so.”

All four children nodded.

“Great,” Delphie said.

Ivy came down the stairs and through the kitchen.

“Máire?” Ivy said. “Joey? Are you here for a visit? My aunt’s away working so I’m here.”

The children nodded. Ivy gave them a wide smile. The kids caught her infectious smile and were grinning themselves.

“They have some calls with the military folks,” John said. “I figured you could handle it because you talk to MJ when he’s gone.”

“Easy,” Jacob said. “It sounds like everything is set. I need to get to work. Why don’t I walk you out?”

John kissed every child again and followed Jacob out the door. Jacob grabbed a cloth mask sitting on a table next to the door. He gestured to John and the doctor picked one up. They left the Castle.

“You can’t imagine what a help this is to me,” John said.

“Don’t think about it,” Jacob said. “There are a lot of people depending on you. At the very least, we can help support you.”

John gave a nod and walked to his sedan.

“Get some rest, Drayson,” Jacob said. “You look exhausted.”

John waved and got into his sedan. Jacob watched him drive away. Jacob got into the SUV and called Aden.

“What’s up?” Jacob asked.

“Just a slow morning,” Aden said. “Lots going on.”

“Why don’t you send the kids here?” Jacob asked. “Drayson brought his kids. They can all entertain each other.”

“Great idea,” Aden said. “Can you pick me up?”

“I’m in the car on my way,” Jacob said.

“I’ll get that worked out,” Aden said. “See you soon.”

Aden clicked off the call. Jacob started the SUV and moved out of the lot. As he waited for the metal gate to open, he thought about how lucky he was to have the help that he had. By the time the vehicle’s wheels hit the pavement, he was already lost in thought about what had to be done that day. He pulled up to Nelson’s house, where Blane was waiting for him. Blane got into the SUV.

“No Aden?” Blane asked.

“We’re picking him up,” Jacob said. “How’s Nelson?”

“As good as can be expected,” Blane said with a nod.

“Sounds good,” Jacob said.

Jacob waited until they reached the light before beginning to talk about what they had to get done today.

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