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Chapter Six Hundred and Thirteen: Bathsheba (part two)


(part two)

He lay in the cold water and longed for Blane. He ached to see Mack and Wyn. He missed Heather and her better half, Hedone, like a broken tooth. Much to his surprise, he even missed Tres Sierra. He worried about his desperately sick father. He missed his work family.

He missed his life and the person he was in that life.

He loved being a doctor. He loved working in forensic science with Ava O’Malley and their team. He loved his house and the promise of what it would become. He loved his modern life and the freedom of hot running water, clean sheets, and modern conveniences like deodorant.

More than anything, he missed himself. He was becoming unrecognizable to himself. Day after long wretched day, everything that he’d been was fading away leaving only emptiness in its place.

He stayed in the bath long after it felt good. He only got out when his fingers were blue and he shook with cold. He wrapped himself in a clean animal fur and crept to his bed roll.

He slept like the dead. No dreams. No visions. Just the black relief of sleep.

He woke up when Peddra shook his shoulder. His work started the moment he awakened.

At this point, it was such a routine that he didn’t notice the passage of time. During the day, he never had time to think about anything other than what he needed to accomplish next.

Some days, he hoped that he would be killed on the battlefield or possible die of overwork.

Somehow, he managed to live on day after long, horrible day.

Lately, he was pretty sure that he was losing his mind.

In the last day or so, he’d started to see a mostly naked woman walking around the lower levels of the Castle. Last night, when he round the corner to the stone bath, he caught a glimpse of her standing in the water. She had tan colored skin, round hips, and small breasts. She seemed to be coming to or coming from the bath. When he spoke, she disappeared.

He was certain that she was some kind of hallucination borne out of his desperate loneliness and this horrible hallow feeling inside.

When he turned the corner tonight, she was standing in the middle of the bath.

“Hello?” Nelson whispered.

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