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Chapter Six Hundred and Sixteen: Guys guys and Tough Broads (part three)


(part three)

Sandy dried off while Tanesha told her about their struggles to keep the boy safe. Even though she knew most of the story, she let her friend talk because Tanesha needed to talk. Tanesha was almost there when Hedone, Heather’s Goddess self, appeared. She wore a pure gold knit gown that accentuated her curves. Her hair hung in golden curls that made her brown skin look golden.

“What has happened?” Hedone asked.

“That stupid cow hurt Jabari,” Tanesha said. “His bottom has bleeding sores on it from a switch or a whip, something like that.”

“Heather should be here,” Hedone said. “She’s just brought Nelson home. He’s doing all right so I’ll go get her.”

She started to disappear.

“Wait,” Tanesha said. “I have one question.”

Hedone nodded.

“Can you smite someone?” Tanesha asked.

“I’m not sure,” Hedone said. “Honestly, Jeraine’s ex is bereft of friends and lovers. Her children have limited or no contact with her. She has no one, just a big empty house. Everything she touches fails. She’s not successful in any area of her life. Would smiting be worse than that?”

“How do I protect Jabari?” Tanesha asked with tears running down her face.

“That’s a human thing,” Hedone said. “We have to win in the courts.”

“Can you make that happen?” Tanesha asked.

“I can add luck, but I don’t think there’s a way for any of us to directly affect human affairs,” Hedone said. “And anyway, you don’t need me too. You just need to step through the hoops.”

“Hoops?” Tanesha asked.

“Jabari needs to see a doctor,” Hedone said. “Not his grandfather either. You need to call his grandparents and Jeraine. You need to call your lawyer and social services. There’s no reason to do all of this by yourself.”

“Oh, right,” Tanesha said. “I know this.”

“Yes, you do,” Hedone said. “Heather will call Jabari’s grandparents and your lawyer. She’ll be back with Jeraine.”

“Thanks for coming,” Tanesha said.

“You needed me,” Hedone said. “Sandy? You look a little green.”

“Pain,” Sandy said. “Just finished PT.”

Hedone took Sandy’s hand and the pain drained from Sandy’s body. Hedone nodded and disappeared. They knew that she would return in the human form of their friend from childhood, Heather.

“Do you remember what you need to do?” Sandy asked, kindly.

Tanesha shook her head and blew her nose into a tissue.

“You need to call your social services caseworker,” Sandy said. “The police will be here soon. We’ll need to talk with them and show Jabari to them.”

“Are you up for this?” Tanesha asked. “You just finished PT.”

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