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Chapter Six Hundred and Sixteen: Guys guys and Tough Broads (part six)


(part six)

Tuesday evening — 6:10 p.m

Nelson’s eyes fluttered open, and he was looking at… He wasn’t quite sure.

“Where am I?” Nelson asked out loud to himself.

“You are home,” Blane said.

Nelson’s head jerked to the side to see Blane sitting next to the bed.

“What are you wearing on your face?” Nelson asked.

“It’s a face mask,” Blane said. “They kicked you out of the hospital to keep you from getting the coronavirus, currently killing people around the world. We had to agree to wear face masks around you.”

Nelson touched his face and felt a mask

“Yes, you are wearing one too,” Blane said.

“Why?” Nelson asked.

“Well, you returned with a variety of old world infections,” Blane said. “Some were bacterial. Some were viral. You were locked away in a special room for people with unknown illnesses. Abi told me that she was able to help you out but you are very weak.”

“Why?” Nelson asked.

“You’ve had a number of surgeries,” Blane said. “You had a sword wound in your side. Your feet look like they have gangrene. They were going to take the ends of your toes, but Abi intervened.”

“Feel sick,” Nelson said. “Tired.”

“We were told to keep you pumped full of narcotics so you’d stay quiet,” Blane said.

“They needed my hospital bed,” Nelson said.

“Yes, they did,” Blane said. “We also wanted you home.”

“Where am I?” Nelson asked again.

“This is our new home,” Blane said. “Or what’s completed so far. You’re in the basement where Tanesha and Jeraine will live.”

Nelson looked around the room at the dry wall and noticed the cement floor.

“It’s not even painted,” Nelson said.

“It’s not,” Blane said with a nod. “You needed a place to be where you could heal and not be around people for fourteen days. There’s a full medical team here — nurses and med techs around the clock. Your doc is on call. Plus me.”

“Why so long quarantine?” Nelson asked.

“That’s the length of time they think it takes to get sick,” Blane said.

“Novel virus,” Nelson said.

“Yep,” Blane said.

“Airborne,” Nelson said.

“Yep,” Blane said.

“Nightmare,” Nelson said his energy lagging.

“I’ll let you sleep,” Blane said. “You need sleep. Days and days of sleep. If you don’t feel better, then it’s back to the hospital. I think just being home will help.”

Nelson grunted in agreement.

“How’s my dad?” Nelson asked with what remained of his energy.

“The same,” Blane said. “No change. He’s in your old house. We didn’t want to put you together because you’ve had all of these infections.”

“Makes sense,” Nelson said.

“I’m just glad you’re home,” Blane said. “I know that you have to go out again. But it’s a relief to see you safe and sound.”

Nelson smiled but then realized he had the mask on.

“Missed you,” Nelson said. “The kids. Heather. Even Tres. So glad to be home.”

“We missed you too,” Blane said. “So you have to work hard on healing. We have a big life and you’re a major part of it. So work hard at healing.”

Nelson mumbled something but was unconscious. Blane left the room. He nodded to the nurse and she went back inside the room.

Blane looked around at the construction. Progress had been made. He didn’t know what would happen now that there was this pandemic. Certainly, Sam and Jacob had committed to moving this project along.

So far, so good. Smiling to himself, he left their new home and returned to the Castle.

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