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Chapter Six Hundred and Sixteen: Guys guys and Tough Broads (part four)


(part four)

“Are you up for this?” Tanesha asked. “You just finished PT.”

“Hedone took my pain,” Sandy said. “I’m okay. I just need to get dress. Can you help me?”

“Of course,” Tanesha said.

“Why don’t you call your case worker first?” Sandy asked.

“You don’t mind?” Tanesha asked.

Sandy shook her head. Tanesha called the number she knew by heart. She spoke with their caseworker who said she would come out immediately. When she was done, she helped Sandy into warm clothing.

By the time they were done, the Denver Police had arrived. The caseworker was not far behind. Jeraine was there about fifteen minutes later with Heather. Tanesha’s and Jeraine’s mothers arrived right after that. The caseworker arrived and then…

“You need to eat something,” Maresol said. “You haven’t eaten all day.”

Tanesha looked up from her computer to see that it was dark.

“What time is it?” Tanesha asked.

“After eight,” Maresol said. “You’ve been talking to people and writing emails for hours.”

Tanesha looked to where Jabari was sleeping.

“I should go home,” Tanesha said.

“Why don’t you stay tonight?” Maresol asked. “Let me take care of you. Tomorrow, you have the hearing and all of that chaos. You can get some rest and quiet here. Plus, Jabari is asleep.”

Tanesha looked at Maresol for a long minute before nodding.

“Jeraine is coming back,” Maresol said. “He told me to tell you that your lawyers think that you can move forward to a complete termination of her parental rights.”

“That’s already happened!” Tanesha said. “It’s those damned producers that got the courts to hand him over.”

“His lawyers have sent the photos to the producers of the show and the judge who allowed Jabari to go to her,” Maresol said. “Needless to say, they are upset and aware of their responsibility. ‘The lawyers are on a rampage.’ That’s a direct quote from Jeraine.”

“Jabari’s lawyer told Heather that he was abused as a kid,” Tanesha said. “I bet he’s upset.”

“I’m sure Jeraine will tell you everything when he gets here,” Maresol said. “I told him to come for dinner.”

“It’s very kind of you,” Tanesha said.

“We all need help sometimes,” Maresol said. “I know that you have a lot of support at home. But I know that when we’re in crisis, it’s hard to even get there. Stay here for the night. You can go home tomorrow.”

Maresol gave her a curt nod before leaving to start a meal for Jeraine and Tanesha.

Tanesha sighed and went back to her computer where she was documenting everything that happened.

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