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Chapter Six Hundred and Seventeen: Bigwig friends (part three)


(part three)

Jacob looked at Delphie.

“Dad’s in the hospital in Castle Rock,” Jacob said. “Their ventilators were full from all those people infected at the ski resorts. They think they’ll have to airlift him to Denver. For now, he’s in a drugged sleep and on oxygen. I told them about John Drayson, you know…”

Jacob did all of the remodeling work for Dr. John Drayon and his wife, Alexandra Hargreaves. Max, Alex’s twin, was also a good friend and client of Jacob’s. Now that Jill knew them through going to school with them.

“He’s been working like crazy since this thing has happened,” Jill said.

“They said they’d call him to see if he can help,” Jacob said. “They told me not to tell anyone that dad was there because they can’t handle the people. The waiting rooms are full of people who are sick. It took… forever. I was tested. I had to get Aden and Tres and get them back to the hospital in Castle Rock for them to be tested.”

“Then we came home,” Jacob said.

“So we’re all on quarantine?” Valerie asked.

“Exactly — fourteen days. Masks all the time, even in the house,” Jacob said. “They want everyone to be tested. Right now, you need a doctor’s note to get tested.”

“That’s not a big deal,” Jill said. “I’ll call our doctor’s office.”

Jacob nodded.

“Can we visit?” Delphie asked.

“No,” Jacob said.

“You mean he’s on his own to deal with this… thing?” Delphie asked as she began to cry.

Jacob nodded.

“I’m down as his contact,” Jacob said. “I told them to call — day or night. But my phone…”

Jacob reached in his pocket but his phone wasn’t there. He groaned. His shoulders rolled forward and he looked up at the heavens in defeat.

“I took it,” Heather said, as she and Tres entered the kitchen. “It’s on the charger over there.”

Heather nodded to the counter where Jacob’s phone was plugged in. As if on cue, the phone rang.

“Jacob,” Heather said. “Before you answer it.”

“What?” Jacob asked, holding the phone in his hand.

“You need to know that your new body is very vulnerable,” Heather said. “More vulnerable than any human you know.”

Jacob gave her a look of pure misery and answered the phone. They watched in anxious impatience until he set the phone down.

“Dad’s on a helicopter to Denver Health,” Jacob said. “Drayson guaranteed a ventilator either in the hospital or in the overflow at the Colorado Convention Center, you know, on Arapahoe. He should be here in Denver in a half hour or so.”

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