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Chapter Six Hundred and Nineeen: Changing times (part three)


(part three)

Wednesday evening — 6:19 p.m.

Denver, Colorado

“I’m so sorry that I’m late,” Dr. John Drayson said. He got out of his sedan. “I know that you’ve been waiting for me. Everything is… crazy. And Alex is still gone.”

“Which just makes things crazier,” Jill said, speaking loudly to be heard through her mask.

He nodded at her understanding. Jill smiled at the handsome doctor. With the cloth mask on, his blue eyes looked even bigger and bluer.

“They’ve been resting,” Jill said. “You’re absolutely fine.”

“Do you happen to know how Nelson is doing?” John asked as they walked

“I spent an hour or so with him midday,” Jill said. “He wanted some sun, so I sat with him while the nurse had some lunch.”

“That was nice of you,” John said.

“Necessary,” Jill said. “She works really hard. Honey was able to help with the kids so it was really easy. I’m so lucky to have so much help here. Can you tell me how Sam is doing?”

“I was going to update Delphie after I check in with my sister-in-law,” John said. “I have no idea why they sent Julie away from the hospital. I can tell you that we would have admitted her.”

“She probably left,” Jill said. “She feels like she has no one to help with Paddie and Connor when the team’s gone. Less so now that Erin and Sami have left the city.”

“It’s a very difficult time,” John said. “She usually goes to one of her sisters.”

“She thinks that’s how she got infected,” Jill said.

“She’s not wrong,” John said.

John put his hand on Jill’s upper arm.

“How is Jacob?” John asked.

“No sign of illness or infection,” Jill said with a nod. “He and Aden have been working like crazy to help carry the company through this thing.”

“They’re being careful?” John asked.

“Masks, distance, reduced crews,” Jill said, nodding. “They are pretty serious about it since Sam got sick. We’ve have deliveries of cloth masks all day today. We’re going to drown!”

“Good,” John said. “We’re likely to be wearing them for a while.”

Jill grinned.

“I’ll take you to them,” Jill said.

Jill went in front of John showing him through the hallway and into the apartment at the end. He nodded to Jill. Jill opened the door.

Connor was awake and crying in the mewing cry of a baby. Paddie was asleep in the crock of Julie’s arm. Julie seemed asleep.

John went immediately to the sink in the kitchen and washed his hands and forearms. He dried them on a paper towel, put on a pair of protective glasses, and turned around to look at Jill.

“I’ll get Connor,” Jill said.

“Let me check him first,” John said, pulling a pair of latex gloves from his pocket and putting them on.

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