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Chapter Six Hundred and Fourteen: Spouting languages (part six)


(part six)

“What does it do?” Jacob asked.

“It does the work,” Sam said.

“How so?” Jacob asked. “Aden’s going to be here in a minute. We planned to work all day on the logistics.”

“Right,” Sam said. “You have to match people up by job position, their job performance, preferred schedule, their particular skill set, and stuff like that.”

Jacob nodded.

“It’s all here,” Sam said, turning the laptop back around. “Here — I put your name in this box and get… me with alternative of Aden and possibly Blane.”

“Give me an employee’s name,” Sam said.

“Okay, Erik Le Monde,” Jacob said. Erik’s daughter Wanda was over last night to hang out with Noelle.

“Plumbing,” Sam said. “Five stars. Skills and rating match with Deter Robinson. Schedule too. Two alternatives.”

Sam grinned at Jacob.

“What about contracting?” Jacob said. “You know how those lawyers complain.”

“I already did contracting,” Sam said. “Oh, and look! You can check this box and do the entire department. It takes a long time for bigger departments but we only have eight in contracting.”

Sam turned the computer around to show Jacob.

“Really?” Jacob asked. Leaning forward to see that what he said was true.

“I did the site managers, because I know them by name,” Sam said. “I would tweak this one for that one, you know how it is, but…”

Sam shrugged. Jacob looked at his father in disbelief.

“It’s really slick,” Sam said. “We’ll easily finish this today and go fishing tomorrow.”

Jacob smiled. A bedraggled Aden came into the kitchen.

“Why are you smiling?” Aden asked.

“Tres’s program works,” Jacob said.

“No way,” Aden said. “He’s been talking about that thing for years. It actually works?”

“Looks like it,” Jacob said.

Blane came into the kitchen.

“How’s Nelson?” Jacob asked.

“In surgery again,” Blane said. “But good. Why are you smiling? I thought it would be all-sad-sacks-all-the-time here.”

“Tres’s program works,” Jacob said.

“You sound so surprised!” Tres said, walking into the kitchen from the back.

Sam got up and hugged Tres.

“Thank you,” Sam said. “You’ve saved our bacon.”

The other men looked at Sam and Tres.

“He’s serious?” Aden asked.

Jacob nodded.

“We still have to grind our way through it,” Tres warned. “It will take us all day. But we should be set to notify the employees by this evening.”

“We can have everyone here for a barbecue,” Sam said.

“Dad,” Jacob said, “Virus? Pandemic?”

“Oh right,” Sam said. “We can email them.”

“We’ll email the team leads and site managers,” Aden said. “Get their approval first.”

“Good thinking,” Sam said, with a grin.

Aden started laughing. Sam joined him. Jacob grinned while shaking his head. Blane started making breakfast.

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