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Chapter Six Hundred and Fourteen: Spouting languages (part five)


(part five)

Monday early-morning — 4:48 a.m.

“Heh,” Sam Lipson said, softly.

His soft chuckling brought footsteps from the loft. He turned to a wet-from-shower Jacob running down the stairs. He turned back to the computer in front of him.

“You okay, Dad?” Jacob asked.

“Fine, fine,” Sam Lipson said.

Jacob put his hand on his father’s shoulder and looked over his shoulder.

“What’s that?” Jacob asked.

“Tres sent out this program for us to review and approve,” Sam said.

“Yeah, I saw that,” Jacob said. “Coffee?”

The coffee maker on the counter beeped indicating the coffee was made.

“Delphie set it up last night because she thought it would be an early morning,” Sam said.

Sam poked at the computer and then chuckled again

“Did you get any sleep?” Jacob asked, as he poured the coffee.

“Not really,” Sam said. “You?”

“No,” Jacob said, setting a mug down next to Sam.

Sam looked up at him.

“That meeting was…” Sam shook his head.

“Hard to describe,” Jacob said.

Distracted by the computer, Sam didn’t respond. He chuckled again. Jacob drank his coffee and ignored his father. He was waiting to talk to his father about what his father wanted to do with the company.

“Dad?” Jacob asked.

Sam looked up at Jacob.

“What do you want to do?” Jacob asked.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked.

“What do you want to do with the company?” Jacob asked, working to keep his frustration out of his voice.

“Oh, we job share,” Sam said with a nod.

“Last night, you…” Jacob said. “What are you looking at?”

Sam smiled at him. He turned the laptop around so Jacob could see the screen. The screen held a spreadsheet.

“What is that?” Jacob asked.

“It’s a… well I don’t know what it is,” Sam said. “Tres said it’s a ‘programmed template.’”

Jacob nodded.

“I read the email while I was in bed,” Sam said. “I said to myself: ‘Sam Lipson, you are not any good at this computer stuff. Everyone’s counting on you so you better get up and figure it out before the kids get up.’”

“Okay,” Jacob said, grinning at his father talking about himself in the third person.

“So I got that laptop you bought for me,” Sam said. “It wasn’t charged so I had to find the charger and… Anyway, I got on the main frame by myself.”

“Well done,” Jacob said.

“I was impressed myself,” Sam said with a laugh. “I followed the link in Tres’s email.”

“What is it?” Jacob asked.

“It’s the job share,” Sam said. “He says in the email that he started working on this when we lost those state contracts.”

“What does it do?” Jacob asked.

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