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Chapter Six Hundred and Fifteen: You know what you don't deserve? (part two)


(part two)

“I don’t want to save the world,” Nelson said.

Abi grinned.

“Why is that funny?” Nelson asked.

“It’s not up to you to save the world,” Abi said. “Or even the human world.”

“What am I doing?” Nelson asked.

“Dear boy,” Abi said. “You are doing what you were born to do. I am helping you do it.”

“That’s what Jacque de Molay said,” Nelson said. He was feeling stronger, but he didn’t want to admit it. “He nearly killed me.”

“Yes, he did,” Abi said. “What do you think happened?”

Nelson was silent for a long time. He shook his head.

“Yes, you do know,” Abi said.

“Bathsheba said that I had to decide to leave there,” Nelson said. “You’re saying that I set my will to stay there. But…but I… I mean, I guess that’s how I got home but… Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

“Good question,” Abi said. “I will tell you…”

Nelson looked over at Abi.

“I hate the Templars too,” Abi said.

He snorted a kind of laugh, and she smiled.

“May I ask you a question?” Nelson asked.

“Of course,” Abi said.

“Why do you take this fairy form?” Nelson asked. “You just told me that you are the most powerful being on this planet and yet you…”

He waved his fingers around and giggled like a girl in some kind of imitation of Abi.

“I do not act like that,” Abi said.

“I have seen those little Fairy Corps outfits,” Nelson said. “You look like…”

“Okay, okay, fair enough,” Abi said, with a sigh.

“Why bother?” Nelson asked. “You could crush all of these fairies and all of their bullshit and…”

“Oh my dear boy, do you truly not know that might is never the solution?” Abi asked.

“I…” Nelson scowled. “No. No. Is that true?”

“Of course it is,” Abi said. “You want to make real change then create community, connection, and be kind. That’s what works.”

“But…?” Nelson gazed at the ceiling. “Oh my God, I feel so much better. What did you do?”

“I took away that virus,” Abi said. “You’ve had it a long time. You don’t need it, do you?”

“AIDS?” Nelson laughed. “Really?”

“Oh, is that what it’s called?” Abi asked. She shrugged. “Humans and their viruses. Crazy really. Every living being has at least one virus associated with it. You cannot have life without viruses. Yet humans have this idea that they can negotiate around their virus.”

Nelson glanced at her.

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