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Chapter Six Hundred and Fifteen: You know what you don't deserve? (part six)


(part six)

Monday morning — 10:08 a.m. MT

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” Katy said. “You’re finally home!”

Jill turned to see her daughter enter their loft. Charlie and Tink were taking care of the kids today in the Castle living room. Somehow, Katy had slipped out of their grasp. Jill took a breath to respond to what she knew was coming next.

“Can I go see Paddie now?” Katy asked. “It’s not the weekend. Time to see Paddie!”

Katy clasped her hands in front of her heart and then jumped up and down.

“Katy,” Jill said, evenly.

“Can Paddie come over?” Katy asked. “Can we go to Paddie’s house? Or can we have Paddie over?”

Katy spun in place and paced away from Jill. As if she had just had this thought, Katy spun around.

“How about the twins and Paddie’s little brother play, and Paddie and I can play and…?” Katy’s bright face looked up to Jill’s.

They had been through this twice already today. From the moment Katy had awakened, she had one a singular thought — play with Paddie. A smart and very articulate girl, Katy had pressed at every point. Jill knelt down and put her arm around her daughter’s shoulders.

“We can’t see Paddie for a while,” Jill said. “There’s a terrible virus and everyone has been sent home.”

“But not Paddie!” Katy said.

On her drive to the Castle, Paddie’s mother, Julie, had called Jill to commiserate. Paddie was acting out the same drama at their home. The children were devastated that they couldn’t be together. In just one more day, Katy and Paddie would have been apart longer than they had been since before they’d met.

“Paddie is not sick!” Katy said. “He’s not been sent home! And I have cuddles! I don’t get sick!”

“Katy,” Jill said in warning.

To Jill’s surprise, Katy burst into tears and ran into her room. The little girl slammed her door in anger. Jill sighed. She went to the door and tried to open it. Katy had used her psychokinetic skill to force the door closed. Jill pressed her ear against the door. Katy was crying her eyes out.

Jill had never felt more inadequate. She felt tears well in her eyes.

The door clicked open. Jill went into the bedroom and sat on the bed. She pulled her daughter onto her lap. Jill and Katy cried.

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