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Chapter Six Hundred and Fifteen: You know what you don't deserve? (part four)


(part four)

Monday morning — 9:48 a.m. ET

New York City, NY

“Hi Sandy, how are you feeling?” Dr. Nadia Kerminoff said.

They were speaking via video call. Sandy was in Denver. Nadia was in Ivan’s loft.

“Healing,” Sandy said. “Slowly.”

“At least it’s happening,” Nadia said.

Sandy nodded.

“The last surgery?” Nadia asked.

“They replaced my ankle,” Sandy said. “They say it looks good.”

“And feel?” Nadia asked.

“Okay,” Sandy said. She sighed.

“But?” Nadia asked.

“Oh, I was walking before, and now I’m back in this wheelchair,” Sandy said.

“Fair enough,” Nadia said. “But you’ll be back on your feet in no time. You’ll see. This will be much better.”

Sandy gave her a doubtful look but moved on.

“How are you?” Sandy asked.

“Tired,” Nadia said. “This coronavirus is… bad. So bad. I’ve been working. Dealing with arguing families is… a lot easier.”

“You’re amazing,” Sandy said.

“Just doing what I can,” Nadia said. She looked up and nodded. “Ian is here.”

Ian Berkenshire, the CEO of Nadia’s companies, walked into the apartment

“Hi Ian,” Sandy said. “Tanesha and Heather are here. Jill is on her way. So much is up in the air. She’s trying to help her husband’s company get on track.”

“That’s a lot of jobs,” Nadia said.

“They are considered essential,” Sandy said. “But only on some of the jobs so it’s kind of a big mess.”

“We’re in the same position,” Nadia said.

“We’re looking at converting one of our factories to making masks for people and for medical professionals,” Ian said. “We are blocked at almost every turn. Just insane.”

“We have to figure it out,” Nadia said.

Sandy nodded. Jill ran into the den of Seth O’Malley’s house.

“Jill’s here,” Sandy said. “Where are we?”

“The short answer is that we’ve been able to find the owners of about half of the remaining items,” Ian said. He nodded to Nadia.

“Among those that we’ve found, they are…” Nadia shook her head. “Angry is probably the best word to describe it. They don’t understand why we have the painting. They don’t believe that we just found their item.”

“We have shown them the videos of finding the salt mine,” Ian said. “And all of the supporting videos. It’s hard for them to believe that we don’t need to be prosecuted as Nazis or collaborators.”

“We’ve had pretty good luck with these families,” Heather said. “Would you like us to take over?”

“Please,” Ian said.

“Have you made any progress on the other half of crap?” Nadia asked.

Everyone laughed.

“Did I say ‘crap’ out loud?” Nadia asked. She blushed. “I mean, precious works of art.”

“Maybe it’s time to pay someone do to do this?” Tanesha asked. “Between all of us, we can afford to hire a company to dispose of the items.”

“Do we trust that they will get it right?” Nadia asked. She yawned. “I’m sorry. I have to get some rest.”

She clicked off the video call.

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