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Chapter Six Hundred and Eighteen - Funnies (part six)


(part six)

Wednesday mid-day — 12:35 p.m.

Denver, Colorado

Nelson whispered something.

His nurse wasn’t even certain that Nelson was awake. She bent near him.

“Sun,” Nelson said. “Need sun.”

The nurse left the room and called Blane.

“He’s asking for sunlight,” the nurse said.

“Gretchen?” Blane asked. “Nelson wants the sun?”

“He’s saying that he needs sunlight,” Gretchen said. “The building is not built out.”

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll be over,” Blane said.

Shaking his head, Blane looked over Julie Hargreaves.

“I need to run across the street,” Blane said. “Can you stay right here?”

Julie nodded.

“Try to rest,” Blane said.

He pulled off the paper gown. He took off his face shield, goggles, and mask. He gestured to the hallway. Jill got up from where she was cuddling with Connor and Paddie.

“Nelson says that he needs sunlight,” Blane said. He shrugged.

“The windows are done,” Jill said. “The wood floor’s not in but he can sit in the windows.”

“That’s right,” Blane said. “Sorry. I’m just…”

“It’s so stressful to have all of this virus and all the crap with Lipson,” Jill said with a nod. “Not to mention, doing acupuncture with a novel virus and everything else.”

“Nelson,” Blane said, with a nod.

“Why don’t I go? The boys are really out,” Jill said. “The nurse can help me get him seated. We can wheel him out to the windows. Maybe I can give him a boost to help him heal.”

“Won’t you wear yourself out?” Blane asked.

“I don’t think so,” Jill said. “I mean, it’s happened before but I’ve been really careful since then. I’ll be careful.”

“That would be great,” Blane said. “I need to get pulses on the boys and see if they need a treatment.”

“I’ll shower and change really fast in the medical offices,” Jill said.

“Good thinking,” Blane said.

Jill waved at Nelson and moved to the medical offices. She showered quickly and pulled on the medical scrubs. She walked across the street to Nelson’s old home. Coming in the front door, she heard someone running a saw on the third floor. She grinned at the progress that had been made and then jogged down the stairs to the basement.

Nelson and all of his medical equipment were housed in a room that one day would be Jabari’s. Jill wondered how Jabari was doing. She sighed. She sighed, pulled on a paper cover, a hat, and another mask before going inside the room. The nurse Gretchen was holding Nelson down.

“Nelson,” Jill commanded. “Stop. Lie down.”

“Need sun,” Nelson said.

“I hear that,” Jill said. “We have to figure out how to do that and keep you safe.”

Nelson collapsed back to the bed.

“Thank you,” Gretchen, the nurse, mouthed.

“I have toddlers,” Jill said. “Boys.”

“So you’re practiced,” Gretchen smiled.

“Okay, what do we need to do?” Jill asked.

“We need to get him into the wheelchair,” Gretchen said.

“Easy,” Jill said.

With much grunting and groaning, the women managed to get Nelson into a sitting position. From there, they carried and helped him into a wheelchair. With Jill behind the wheelchair, Gretchen cleared the way. They moved Nelson into the sunny patch near the Eastern windows.

The sunlight was waning for the day, but there was a sliver of bright sun on the cement floor. Jill moved him into the sunlight. Nelson groaned with pleasure. Gretchen fussed over his IV and other medical gear.

“I’ll stay with him,” Jill said. “You can take a break.”

“Thanks so much,” Gretchen said. “Do you mind if I go get something to eat from Pete’s?”

“Not at all,” Jill said with a smile. “Enjoy your break.”

Gretchen grabbed her purse and left. Nelson had moved his face into the sunbeam. He was now fast asleep.

For the first time in a very long time, Jill was alone in the silence. She fell into such deep thoughts that she was startled when Gretchen returned. They got Nelson back into his room and Jill returned to the Castle. She sighed slightly at the door of the Castle.

“Let the chaos begin,” Jill said to herself and walked back into the Castle.

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